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New Study Shows VR Boosts Exercise Performance and Reduces Pain

VR has become a fitness phenomenon over the years, showing the world it can help us improve coordination, emboldens us to embody superheroes, and can even give our brains an energy boost to our...

Everything We Know About Oculus Quest So Far

This week at Oculus Connect 5, the previously titled "Project Santa Cruz" finally unveiled itself under its new moniker—the Oculus Quest. The Quest represents Oculus's first push into fully standalone 6DOF VR at the relatively...

Athletes Must Check Out These AR Sports Training Glasses

Athletes are seeing tech advancements for wearables that are geared towards training and gathering data. Kaaya Tech’s HoloSuit is a fully tracked wireless bodysuit that can be used for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality...

How VR Helps With Hand-Eye and Full Body Coordination Training

Whether we’re drumming to the beat, typing, playing ping pong, or boxing an opponent, we use hand-eye coordination or HEC daily. Hand-eye coordination is our brain and body’s system of processing actions and stimulus...

Best VR Fitness Games for Cardio

I love most the full-body session I get in VR. I bend and move in ways that I would otherwise build a specific workout around, to the point where I sometimes feel like I’ve...
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Build Your Confidence With VR and Become a Rockstar in Life

We know that exercising can be a struggle for some to begin, but once we get going the struggle begins to fade away. This is not to say exercising isn’t going to take effort;...

VR Fitness Companies That Are Changing Gym Life and The Future

We play VR, walk, run, swim, cycle, climb, box, and lift to stay fit, strong and healthy. Some futurists expect that “health conscious” people of the future will be taking pills that alter their...

HoloSuit Kickstarter to Fund Production of Smart Clothing for VR Fitness, Sports and Games

Kaaya Tech’s HoloSuit, the wireless full-body VR, AR, and MR haptic and data tracking suit, has just ramped up their wearables Kickstarter campaign at AWE 2018 where they showed off their tech for the...

Fitness Games to Overcome the VR Learning Curve

VR fitness is fun and rewarding, but it’s easy to think you’ll be stuck in the same few games just to get a workout. In fact, there is a diverse lineup of titles that...

Exercise With PowerBeatsVR Rhythm Game And Haptic PowerSuit

Sourcenity and VisionBody have come together to create a new full-body haptic suit that sends Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS pulses, to the wearer’s body to simulate touch and impact in virtual reality. The...
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