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Holodia Holofit Full Review – Bringing Virtual Reality to Rowing Machines, Bicycles and Ellipticals

A personal aside (Or how I got from rowing, to not, and back again) With the launch of Holodia’s Holofit to the VR home market, my personal virtual reality fitness journey has come full circle....

VR Exercise Tracker Brings Support for Apple Watch and HealthKit

If you work out quite a bit with your own VR headset, you might be familiar with the VR Health Exercise Tracker. The application, which comes from the VR Health Institute, is meant to...

The New Oculus Quest Features and Wishes That Would Improve VR Fitness

By all accounts, the Oculus Quest is easily one of the best VR headsets on the market right now. Compared to other devices like the Valve Index, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, or even the...

AgileVR is Virtual Reality Exoskeleton that is Currently Looking for Funding on Kickstarter

As the VR community continues to grow, a lot of novel accessories have continued to be released to support the space. Now looking for funding via a newly launched Kickstarter, one of the more...

Hands On with Holodia’s Holofit – Bringing Your Rowing Machine into Virtual Reality

Virtual reality fitness has continued to make great strides over recent months with exciting opportunities to integrate traditional fitness equipment into a virtual reality experience. This started with Virzoom's VZfit which aimed to add...

MassVR’s Hallow Realm Introduces Horror to VR Esports

If you thought VR esports was all fun and games, you were wrong. It can be about surviving in a world where dark spirits are running rampant, intent on infecting humankind and spreading darkness...

Superhot VR Game Review – Excellent Core Workout

Superhot VR is a supercharged strategy FPS for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift where time only moves when you do. Conjured within a minimalistic and monochromatic backdrop, you’ll encounter a single red polygonal humanoid...
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