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Quarantine VR Fitness Survival Guide – How to Stay Active

Lockdown It’s fair to say 2020 has not had the best of starts. As I write this much of the world is on lockdown, with hundreds of millions of people confined to their homes worldwide....

VRFI and YUR Team Up for a 90 Day VR Fitness Challenge

UPDATE: April 16th, 2020. Registration is closed! Please email us if you still want to participate in the challenge. You will not be eligible for the prize drawings but you will still get the motivational...

Oculus Quest Youtuber Matt Quinlan from BMF prepares his 30 day VR Fitness challenge

If you own an Oculus Quest and regularly search Youtube looking for virtual reality content chances are high that you are already familiar with the popular Quest channel BMF. The channel’s owner and host...

REPORT: The State of VR Fitness in 2019

It was only a few years ago that the modern VR revolution officially began. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, personally delivered the first pre-ordered Rift to an ecstatic customer in early 2016. At that...

VR Fitness Insider VR Fitness Awards 2019

2019 has been a great year for virtual reality fitness titles and there are more ways than ever before for players to get in shape and have fun while doing so. 2020 looks to be...

VirZoom Beats Out Stationary Biking in Both Fun and Fitness

Traditional stationary bikes can get boring, and boring exercises are rarely the most effective. More exciting and engaging workouts often lead to better results, and the VirZoom bike is a great option for doing...

VirZOOM Tells Us That a Stationary Bike is the Perfect 6DOF Controller

Eric Janszen, the CEO and co-founder of VR fitness company VirZOOM, tells us about the recent release of their third-generation hardware, the VZfit Sensor Kit. VirZOOM is now offering the third generation of its products in...

Top 10 VR Gadgets We’re Sweating Over in 2019

There's something about the smell of a freshly unraveled piece of kit that gets me excited. No, not that type of excited. Rather, what I'm referring to are the warm fuzzies I get from...