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VR Fitness Insider VR Fitness Awards 2018

2018 may be wrapping up but VR Fitness Insider readers know that the industry’s top fitness games, accessories, and headsets are still empowering and fueling the fitness community day in and day out. Before...
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Tap Into Adrenaline With VR and Fitness

Adrenaline. It’s the rush we get from riding on a rollercoaster and the jolt of energy we need to run away from a bear (flight) or towards a really good sale. It’s the thrill...

Supercharge Your VR Fitness With Pre-workout Supplements!

It’s no secret that to perform your best, you have to make sure your body and mind are ready for action. Without quality sleep, nutritious foods, and the right mindset, you won’t be able...

25 Active VR Games That Could Benefit From Oculus Quest’s Inside-Out Tracking

With the Oculus Quest coming up in Spring 2019, and the new efforts from Oculus's competitors to bring their own standalone devices up to 6DOF with inside-out tracking, the VR world is going to...

Virtuix Omni Reveals ESPORTS Tournaments, New VR ARENA, & Omni 2.0!

Virtuix Omni is an omnidirectional and free-roam platform company that's making waves in VR with an announcement that they are launching Omniverse ESPORTS, a competitive VR gaming platform, a schedule of events, and their...

VR Fitness Tips That Helped These Fit Warriors Transform Their Bodies And Minds

You’ve tried everything to lose weight, stay in shape, or are so out of shape you need advice on where to get started in VR. No worries, we all have to start somewhere! To...

Professional VR Esports Players Talk About VR for Health and Fitness

The VR League recently concluded its second season at Oculus Connect 5 with over fifty finalists across four featured games. VR Fitness Insider has shared numerous stories about people who are losing weight and...

Virtual Athletics League Hosting Space Pirate Trainer Global Esports Tournament in September

The Virtual Athletics League and I-Illusions just announced that the esports league will be holding a global Space Pirate Trainer tournament from September 27 to the 30th. Competition is open to participating local VR...

VR League Season 2 Finals To Be Featured at Oculus Connect 5

VR esports is still in its infancy, but the second season of the VR League has continued to attract competitors and fans. As competition progresses and players learn increasingly advanced techniques, the level of...

Five Design Tips for Developers Looking To Write VR Fitness Games

Now that the gaming industry is booming, you might be curious about dipping your own toes into the waters of game design. Naturally, you're on the hunt for strategies that successful game developers might use—besides...