The Pavlov VR Master League Autumn Championship, which includes a prize pool of over $1,000 in merchandise and coupons, begins this weekend with a Challenger Cup open to any team registered by October 11.

Pavlov, a VR first-person shooter created by Davevillz, has been compared to Counter-Strike in VR. Released in early access on Steam in February 2017, the game has continued to amass a dedicated player-base which enjoys a variety of weapons and game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Search and Destroy. User-made maps are also popular in the game. Compared to other popular VR first-person shooters, Pavlov maintains impressive numbers on Steam Charts, with an average of over 600 players.

Pavlov teams have been participating in Pavlov VR Master League Season 5 since June 10. The regular season ended yesterday and now teams will move into the championship phase.

Stage 1:  Challenger Cup

The Autumn Championship begins with the Pavlov Challenger Cup, open to any team ranked #8 or below from the Pavlov VR Master League Season 5 standings. This includes new teams that might want to play.

Challenger Cups A and B will take place on October 12 and 13. All teams will play at least five matches against other teams in their corresponding group (A or B) in a Swiss-system tournament.

The winner from each group will advance to the Challenger Cup Final that will take place October 13-19. The winner of the Challenger Cup Final will secure the last spot in the Autumn Championship Round-Robin.

Stage 2:  Round-Robin Group Stage

Eight teams will participate in the Round-Robin Group Stage on October 19 and 20. This will include the top seven teams based on Pavlov VRML Season 5 standings and the Challenger Cup winner.

Each team will play others in their corresponding group (A or B) in a round-robin format with each match consisting of two maps.

The top two teams from each group will secure a spot for stage 3.

Stage 3:  Semi-Finals and Grand Final

Four teams (two from each group of the Round-Robin Group Stage) will advance to the semi-finals. They will compete on October 26 in a single elimination bracket with a best-of-3 format.

Two teams will advance to the Grand Final on October 27.


Prizes for the Pavlov VR Master League Season 5 Autumn Championship include over $1,000 in ProTube VR merchandise and coupons, VR Cover accessories, gun skins from Pavlov VR, and bragging rights.

How to Participate

If you already have a team in the league, you simply need to go to the “teams management” page and register a team.

For those who don’t have a team in the league, you can register any time before October 11. You’ll need at least five players on your team in order to participate. Register a new team here.

The Challenger Cup will be organized and monitored on the Pavlov VRML Discord so you’ll need to join if you want to participate. You’ll also find resources for joining a team, recruiting other team members, rules, roster updates, etc.

You can purchase the game on Steam.

Stay tuned to the VR Fitness Insider website and our VRFI Twitter page. We’ll continue to update you on the championship and players involved with Pavlov VR.