VR esports action continues in the Pavlov VR Master League Autumn Championship as four teams advance to the final games of season 5 next weekend. With a prize pool of over $1,000 in merchandise and coupons, plus the ever-important bragging rights, competition intensified as the best Pavlov teams in the league fought to advance through various stages of the championship.

A popular VR first-person shooter created by Davevillz, Pavlov has been part of the VR Master League since 2017. During the first season, only nine teams participated, but there were there were 35 teams registered for season 5. Only 25 of those ended up being active teams, but that still shows a significant growth, nearly tripling season 1 numbers in two years.

Season 5 competition began in June and the Autumn Championship launched on October 12 with the Challenger Cup. Teams ranked #8 or below were allowed to enter the Challenger Cup and compete for an opportunity to advance to stage 2, the Round-Robin Group Stage.

The top seven teams based on Pavlov Season 5 standings had already secured a position in the Round-Robin Group Stage and they were joined by the Challenger Cup winner, ARCTIC.

Round-Robin Group Stage competitors were:

On Saturday, REKT and Phalanx advanced through Round-Robin Group A to secure spots in the semi-finals. During Round-Robin Group B competition on Sunday, Thinking and Dream Team earned their spots in next weekend’s final stage of the championship.

Semi-Finals and Grand Final

The semi-finals will take place on Saturday, October 26 in a best-of-3 format with a single-elimination bracket.

The grand final will take place on Sunday, October 27 with a best-of-5 format.

VR Master League

The VR Master League is a community-driven platform established in early 2017 by DaKinMan. The VRML has grown rapidly since 2017 and boasts a line-up of some of the most popular competitive VR titles available. The league also recently welcomed Echo Arena, a popular game from Ready At Dawn that is widely considered to be the first true VR esport.

VR Master League works with sponsors such as ProTubeVR and VR Cover to provide prizes. Please reach out to the VRML if you’re interested in being involved as a sponsor, player, or developer.