Phantoms Esports encourages growth of the VR community through competition, positive interaction with the userbase, and content creation. As 2020 comes to a close and VR esports players finish competitive seasons for their favorite games, Phantoms celebrates all the players have accomplished this fall with an After Season Party that takes place Friday, Dec. 18.

Nucklear, Shake, and Hardkeko founded Phantoms Esports in late 2018. Although the group is headquartered in Spain, they have team members from around the world, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, and Argentina.

“We are one of the first 100% virtual reality esports clubs in the world and we aim to build a framework where esports players and content creators can develop and grow within and outside the club,” states Adrian Losada, better known as “Nucklear” to his teammates.

“The club was build from the ground up to focus on VR esports,” explains Losada. “Our main focus is to promote competitive VR gaming in the Spanish and international market. We encourage industry growth so we can have a strong market in the near future for developers, teams and brands.”


The group currently has squads in three of the most competitive VR esports titles on the market:  Downpour Interactive’s Onward, Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena, and Giant Scam Industries’ Snapshot VR. The squads have done impressively well across the competitive VR ecosystem.

Phantoms’ Onward team placed in the top ten in the European ladder and they nearly knocked the world’s number one Echo Arena team, Jokr, out of that spot. Although Phantoms ultimately failed to claim the Echo Arena championship title, they do hold the first place standing in the European region. Phantoms is currently in fifth place in worldwide standings for Snapshot VR.

Community Growth

“A club is nothing without their fans,” says Losada. “That is why we organize events like the VRML Afterseason Party.”

Losada and fellow Phantoms club members invite people involved in VR esports to these events. They provide an atmosphere for positive community interaction as well as opportunities to network and have fun.

Occasionally Phantoms offers training events such as bootcamps, which give new users the chance to be introduced to a game and learn from experienced players. Bootcamps, rookie cups, etc. enable new players to jump into VR esports and avoid steep learning curves. More importantly, training events encourage interaction between new and veteran players, which helps build and strengthen community relationships.

Content Creation

Losada admits that this area of their club is currently the weakest, but much of that is due to limited resources. The group largely focuses on the two areas above, but he states that they expect to step up content creation in the near future.

One of the ways they reach players and collaborate with industry sponsors is through VR Community Builders (VRCB), a community-driven group designed to promote positive, inclusive environments in virtual reality, social media, and LAN events. VRCB and Phantoms have closely aligned goals and one of those is to promote good quality products and promote safety in VR gaming.

Afterseason Party

The VRML After Season Party is a great way to enjoy social interaction without physical contact. There will be introductions, games, and lots of music with a live DJ.

VRML After Season Party Schedule

Friday, December 18

20:00 UTC / 3 pm EST / noon PST – MINIGAMES SESSION
Party guests will play some games within VR Chat and get to know each other better.

21:30 UTC / 4:30 pm EST / 1:30 pm PST – WARMUP MEETING
Join a room and get everyone together before the DJ starts.

22:00 UTC / 5 pm EST / 2 pm PST – DJ PERFORMANCE
DJ Performance in the brand new VOLT Club Live. More than one instance will be created if necessary.

23:00 UTC / 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST – NETWORKING TIME
Talk about projects, ideas or even poach other team’s players

Get Involved

“We are constantly looking for new opportunities in terms of squads, collaboration with brands, team streams and so on,” states Losada. He encourages anyone interested in chatting to reach out via social media.

If you’d like to attend the Phantoms After Season Party today or reach out to the group for additional information, join them on your preferred social media platform.