Pick-up League Hockey, the premier multiplayer VR hockey simulator that launched last year on the Oculus store, entered 2020 with a flurry of updates and new features to help bring more players into the arena. Now the PULH community brings us the inaugural season of the VR Hockey League.

Recent updates to Pick-Up League Hockey include in-game leaderboards, post-game stats in Discord, and mod support for custom team jerseys and rink graphics. These “are just the tip of the iceberg,” states developer Wraith of Electric Falcon LLC.

“As the game’s community has grown,” he continues, “so has interest in starting a competitive league. Some dedicated players are organizing the Virtual Reality Hockey League, or VRHL. Skilled players in PULH can do some pretty wild things with the puck and the community has decided it’s time to put those skills to the test.”

Like many communities in the VR esports universe, veteran players of Pick-Up League Hockey have brought their best attitudes to the rink with a willingness to pass along tips and mentor new players. Much of the organization for the game is done through the PULH Discord server so new players and others interested in VR hockey are encouraged to join.

VR Hockey League Season 1

Currently registration is open for the inaugural season of the VR Hockey League. Players can sign up as a player or express interest in being a captain. Match organization will happen on the Discord server and an official website will be launched soon.

There are scrimmages arranged through the PULH Discord almost every evening. Anyone is welcome to participate and new players join alongside veterans to learn skills and play virtual hockey.

“Anyone is welcome to participate so if you’re new, you have no excuse but to get on the ice and start skating” encourages Wraith.

Pick-up League Hockey

An avid hockey fan, Wraith came up with the idea for a VR hockey game when he realized no one was creating one. He wanted to create a legitimate hockey game for VR platforms rather than simply a goalie simulator. He began creating the 3 v 3 hockey simulator with realistic skating physics and a full-size rink in immersive reality.

The game is available for free on Oculus headsets, including the Rift, Go, and Quest (via SideQuest). It’s also playable on the HTC Vive with Revive.

Also be sure to visit the Pick-up League Hockey website and YouTube channel. Stay tuned to VR Fitness Insider for more information about Pick-Up League Hockey and the VR Hockey League.