Pistol Whip Finally Comes to PlayStation VR This Summer


After arriving on Steam and Oculus late in 2019, Cloudhead Games has today finally announced that it’s bringing Pistol Whip to PlayStation VR headsets in a few short months.

Unveiled via a new press release today, Cloudhead Games has stated that Pistol Whip is slated to arrive at an undetermined date this summer on PS VR. A more specific window or launch date within the season had yet to be revealed, but those who own PS VR headsets and have been crossing their fingers for the arrival of Pistol Whip on the platform no longer have to worry.

Described as an action-rhythm FPS, Pistol Whip sees you moving through levels, or “scenes” as Cloudhead refers to them, that are synchronized to music. Equipped with one pistol (or two, if you so choose) the goal of the game is to blow away any baddies that you may come across to the beat of the music and rack up as high of a score as possible. Extra points are earned if you do shoot on the beat, although you’re not punished if you opt to not do so. Cloudhead says that the title is openly inspired by properties like John Wick and Equilibrium and those influences are definitely apparent.

You can check out some gameplay from Pistol Whip in this new PS VR announcement trailer here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPrQocFp1fQ]

While bringing the game to PS VR is one thing, Cloudhead has also said that it’s committed to supporting Pistol Whip on the platform post-release, too. Additional scenes, modifiers, and customization options are said to be revealed and added to the game in the months following release.

As someone who personally only owns a PlayStation VR device at the moment, I’m incredibly happy to see that Pistol Whip is finally coming to the device. The game seems to combine some of the best elements of titles like Superhot VR, Beat Saber, and BoxVR to create a wholly unique and enjoyable experience. Pistol Whip reviewed quite strongly from other outlets around the net when it initially released last year and currently holds an 82 overall score on Metacritic.

We’ll keep you up to date on more from Pistol Whip when Cloudhead Games reveals the finalized release date for this iteration of the game. A specific price for Pistol Whip on PS VR has yet to be confirmed either, but assuming that it costs the same as other iterations of the game, it should retail for $24.99.

And if you’re looking for a more opinionated take on Pistol Whip, be sure to check out our own glowing fitness review of the title if you haven’t already.