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Since the release of Population: One in October 2020, players have been forming clans, independent leagues, and super secret societies accessible only to the elite, but community leaders are coming together to host the Population: One Community Cup where affiliations will be irrelevant, enemies will become friends, and players better quickly learn to sink or … well, they’ll have one week to learn to work as a team or die.

Players of all levels from near and far are welcome to participate in the event and they’ll be placed on 5-person teams during a snake draft. Registration opens now and teams will be announced on July 24. (Players who register after teams are announced will be placed on a sub list.) Once teams are posted, teams can practice as much – or as little – as they’d like with their new team, but those who learn how to communicate and work together are likely to survive longer than those who think this is going to be easy.

  • Registration opens: NOW
  • Event Date: July 31 – August 1
  • Time: 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT | 6 pm BST (Coverage begins at the same time on both days.)

For Pop: One enthusiasts who are accustomed to the regular 3-person squads, the format for this community event has been adjusted slightly to encourage engagement with other players. Typically teams register as a group of 3 for events such as Mob Toyco Population: One Premier League (information available on Mob Toyco Discord server), but the purpose of the Population: One Community Cup Summer 2021 event is to create as much engagement as possible among players who might not normally be placed together on teams.

Additional format for the Population: One Community Cup includes:

  • solo registration
  • randomized teams through snake draft
  • lobby monitors will come from various community groups
  • max 4 hours play time each event day, July 31 – Aug. 1

Population: One

Considered VR’s premier battle royale experience, Population: One captured over $10 million in sales within three months after launch. The playerbase has continued to grow rapidly and in addition to the main Pop One Discord server, there are many opportunities to engage in communities that have sprouted up as a result of the popularity of the game.

Everyone is invited to participate in the Community Cup and it will be pleasing to see representation from various clans, groups, etc. There are special interviews and videos to highlight various community groups, but meanwhile here are some of the leaders helping plan this exciting event.

Credit: BigBox VR (assets) and Z-Axis (designer)

Name:  Toyco

Representing:  Mob Toyco

“Mob Toyco is running the logistics of the Community Summer Tournament. We wanted to come together with other community leaders and make this a fun and engaging experience where everyone can connect with new people, play some games and have a good time. We know these events are important because being part of a community can help everyone feel as though they are a part of something greater than themselves.

We believe in the integrity and the passion the players have for this game. Bringing a stronger sense of unity onto this platform through these experiences is something we are happy to be a part of.

We’ve mostly focused on the competitive scene for Population: One, but we have had a few fun events in between to engage more people in the community. We want to make sure that everyone is able to have an enjoyable experience; whether that’s making new friends or being in a lobby of sweats.

I want to thank all the staff over at Mob Toyco and all the teams and players that have made all of this possible. Without the help from everyone uniting together none of this would be possible.”

Name:  Lucyfur_Daemon_PX

Representing: Phoenix – Clan est. 2021 (co-owner)

“I have been playing POP:ONE since Oct 2020 and became involved competitively in Jan 2021. I joined my first clan at that point. I have now become very involved in the community and started my own clan. As a woman in the community, I am excited to be a leader/owner of a clan that not only promotes inclusiveness in this community but is also involved in promoting it in this event.

Lobby hosting competitions and Leagues has also been a mainstay of my presence in POP:ONE so I will certainly be bringing my expertise in ‘lobby hosting’ to this event to help guide and train any volunteers in that area.

This particular event is exciting to me as it is a break from all the serious hardcore competing and training Clan Phoenix does every day. This event it is going to bring together all levels of players from the noobs to the sweats and it will be a great opportunity for people to play with others with whom they would not normally get to. The community is so important to all of us. I will certainly be promoting my clan to come and play this event, have some fun, and take a break from the highly competitive arena we are in all the time.”

Name:  de_Luca93 (Luca)

Representing:  Pop: LGBTQ+

“I’m so excited for this community event! I think it’s awesome that for the first time, there will be a fun tournament supported by BigBox with teams that are randomized. I’m super pumped to play with new people of all different levels, and if you’re on my team we’ll totally have a blast training up the week before the tourney!

The Pop: ONE community is actually the first gaming community I’ve ever been a part of and it’s crazy how many people I’ve met through this game and consider really good friends. I think a community event like this is a great way for more people to have that experience. See you in game!”

Name:  Alexandria

Representing:  Ladies of Pop 1

“We’re trying to get more women involved in the community and let men know that we’re there to play and enjoy the game.

When we all started Population: One, I personally thought there were only a couple of other women until this Discord group was made. We’re trying to get more women recognized for accomplishments in game, bring awareness to the fact that females do play Population: One, encourage them to be involved in the community on the competitive side, etc.

Editor’s note:  Alexandria is one of the community leaders for the Ladies of Pop One group and has been helping with organization of the community cup. If you’re a lady Population: One enthusiast, reach out to Alexandria#5940 or SkyCandy#0815 on the Population: One Discord server for an invite to the group.”

How to Participate

There are several ways to participate in the Population: One Community Cup. You can register as a player, offer to be a lobby host (limited positions), or join the community as we enjoy watching this fun event during the stream!

Use the following link to sign up for the summer Pop One community cup. If you’re interested in being a lobby host, speak with your community leaders.

Where to Watch

The community event will have coverage on both days that will include gameplay, highlights, and interviews. It’s going to be an exciting production highlighting the positive aspects of the Population: One community.

Players are also welcome to stream from their own perspectives and favorite clips will be compiled throughout the weekend for a highlight reel on the main channel. The production crew will be looking for great plays, but also good sportsmanship and those special moments that really feature the awesomeness of the community.


There will be prizes awarded, including a special Discord role and color for the team that works together and comes in first place.

Other prizes will be awarded and given out randomly during the Twitch stream. The purpose of this cup is to promote community engagement, positivity, and inclusiveness. Event organizers want players to have fun so we encourage everyone to join the community throughout the event and be ready to have fun, watch the games, and maybe even win a prize.

Editor’s Note:  If you’re interested in donating prizes, reach out to Hasko at or on Discord at Hasko7#0001.

About Population: One

Population: One, a multiplayer competitive VR game from BigBox VR, is available on all major VR platforms, including Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR and Valve Index. Connect with the community to learn more about the game, sign up for an early access program, and become part of the growth of this fantastic game.