VR enthusiasts are invited to participate in Population: One Community Day, a special opportunity to find experienced players who will share tips and tricks, party up for some matches, and pass along helpful strategies in BigBox VR’s top-selling battle royale game. Community Day begins now and extends throughout the remainder of the day.

Events such as the Population: One Community Day have become a tradition in VR games and examples can be found throughout the industry. Whether rookies are training with veterans for the spring tournament in Downpour Interactive’s Onward, having fun at a bootcamp or community cup  Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR, or making friends in newer releases such as First Contact Entertainment’s Solaris Offworld Combat, there are always opportunities to promote positive, inclusive VR communities.

Typically participation in community day events is casual, with new players encouraged to try the game and ask for help while veterans are asked to avoid their regular squads and focus on finding rookies to help instead.

Many experienced players enjoy reaching out to lower level or new community members on a regular basis, but they offer special training sessions on Community Day. One such community member goes by ZstormGamesYT on Discord. The 23-year-old creates training videos and other positive community content for his YouTube channel. He has been playing Population: One since early December and frequently offers help or encouragement to less experienced players.

You’ll find Zstorm and other veterans today on the Population: One Discord server in the #community-events channel. If you don’t use Discord, be sure to check out some of the other social media resources and meet other Pop: One fans where BigBox VR devs and community leaders support a positive, inclusive environment.

VR gamers set an industry standard with events such as this and if you can’t hop in game today, there are experienced players who will squad with you at other times as well. Here are some helpful resources to help you learn more about the game, become involved with the community, or participate in Community Day.

Population: One is available on all major VR platforms and it’s cross-buy for Oculus HMDs.