Pro Putt Golf

Golf Scope will soon allow players to practice their putting and improve reading greens in virtual reality. Called Pro Putt by Topgolf, the Oculus Quest game will provide an in-depth simulation for players to test their golfing skills. It’s currently aiming for a June release, so players won’t have to wait very long.

Unlike many golf video games that go for an arcade spin on the sport, Pro Putt is all about realism. “Using engines from our own technologies such as Golf Scope and Simply Putting, we’ve analyzed literally millions of putts in the real world,” says the developer on its website. “[We’ve] used that data to fine-tune our physics in what we consider to be ground-breaking gameplay and feel.” These realistic physics will help Pro Putt players actually improve their real-life putting by playing the game.

Despite this realistic gameplay, Pro Putt can be playable by anyone. The Quest release includes four different Topgolf games (Topgolf classic, Top Pressure, Quick 9 & Quick 9 Pro) and has three 9-hole courses with two different difficulties to select from. There’s also a pro mode that can be unlocked to make the campaign even more challenging and players can train with the computer.

Check out the trailer for Pro Putt by Topgolf below:

Multiplayer is one of the most exciting features in Pro Putt. Players will be able to golf with friends, random players that are aroudn their skill level, or against artificial intelligence. Leaderboards will let players put a permanent mark on the courses and will give players a goal to aim for.

Other features include the ability to unlock golf balls, putt with either your left or right hand, stroke play, and even a fun mode that lets the player become a giant so that a regular golf course looks like mini-golf. There’s also in-depth stats that will track everything you’ve done in the game.

Pro Putt golfscape quest vr
Credit to: Golf Scope

Golf Scope previously put out an app of the same name that uses augmented reality to help golfers read the greens and a game called Simply Putting. This is its latest project, and a long-term one at that, as on its webiste they “plan on building out Pro Putt for years to come.”

Pro Putt also sees the developer teaming with Topgolf, a golfing entertainment company that has specialty driving ranges with micro chipped golf balls that help keep score. There are currently over 50 Topgolf locations worldwide and it has gone international with locations in the United Kingdom and Australia. Topgolf currently has a mobile game called World Golf Tour that has received over 15 million downloads.