Credit to: MiHiePa

The coronavirus has led to the cancellation of several major sports leagues worldwide, including England’s Premier League. Soccer players need to stay in playing shape, however, and many are turning to VR to keep themselves ready for when the season resumes.

Staying ready for whenever play resumes

According to the Daily Mail, footballers have turned to Rezzil technology during the season’s downtime. One of them is West Ham United’s Michail Antonio, who has used it three times in the past week in order to keep his awareness level high. He told the paper that despite not being known for his awareness, it’s helping this area of his game. Theoretically, he could even come back to the pitch playing better than he did before.

Players have also used Rezzil for rehabilitation after injuries, and it has already begun deployment to American Soccer Post stores. Using a virtual ball and drills, it allows you to test your cognitive abilities and gives you information on improvement targets. Manchester United has made use of the technology as part of a partnership since 2018, and being able to try it out in store should give amateur players a sense of its benefits.

Rezzil includes a VR headsets as well as sensors on the feet and shin-pads. The device also offers a “neuroplastic” response that makes it feel like you’re kicking a real ball. This feedback is crucial in its realism. It’s why devices like Oculus Quest use haptic feedback on games like BoxVR, simulating the feeling of punching a target.

It’s unclear when the Premier League will resume, as the coronavirus has not yet slowed its spread. American leagues like the MLB and NBA have already postponed their seasons, as well. With VR technology available for most sports, those players also still have options for staying in playing form.