Prove Your VR Dodgeball Skills in the Smashbox Arena League

Credit to: BigBox VR

The VR game Smashbox Arena gives players the chance to show off their dodgeball skills without getting hit for real. If you think you have the goods, Ctrl V is giving you the chance to win some  serious cash in a Smashbox Arena League tournament.

Dodge this

The Smashbox Arena League will be held from July through August at Ctrl V’s locations, which are primarily in Canada. Each player is required to pay a $100 fee to enter the league, and will be playing for as many as eight weeks. The champions will receive $3,000 CDN, while the second place and third place finishers will get $1000 and $500 worth of gift cards, respectively. Once the top two winners of the various qualifier matches have been picked at each location, they’ll duke it out for the grand championship prize. Everyone participating will also get a free shirt.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Smashbox Arena League, you must be 18 or have guardian provide consent. The time commitment is approximately one hour per week during the length of the tournament. You’ll register in teams of up to three people, and each win will be worth three points. Ties will be worth two points, with losses worth just one. If you are absent or forfeit, you will receive no points.

Smashbox Arena isn’t your typical take on dodgeball. You’ll be hiding behind cover like in a first-person shooter and even using weapons during matches. Scoped weapons aren’t out of the question, either. The balls themselves zip forward with more power than a human arm can provide. In addition to online multiplayer, there is a solo campaign included, as well. It’s sure to get your heart pumping, especially against high-level players.

The deadline to register for the Smashbox Arena League is June 28. The league will begin its first week on July 8 and will¬† run through August 19. We’ll be practicing our best moves in preparation.

Smashbox Arena is available now on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.