Credit to: Survios

After months of anticipation, CREED: Rise to Glory will be opening up its digital and physical disc pre-orders today, August 16, 2018, for the PlayStation VR (PS VR). Survios, whose past VR games include Raw Data, Sprint Vector, and Electronauts, just announced that they will debut their PS VR release on September 25, 2018.

“For so many game developers whose homes proudly showcase our console collections, being able to add our own title to their ranks means the world,” said Mike McTyre, Survios’s Head of Studio, “We’re proud of what we’ve created with the continued support of MGM and Sony, and we’re excited for everyone to step into the ring and become a champion.”

PS VR Exclusive

Back in June, we announced that PlayStation VR owners would be getting young Rocky Balboa as an exclusive character. Underdog fighters will not only have access to training with The Pride of Philadelphia, PS VR fighters will get to become Rocky himself!

Prizefighters Play 3 Ways

Credit to: Survios/MGM Interactive

CREED: Rise to Glory and Survios fans are pre-ordering this heavyweight and cinematic boxing title right now. This AAA boxing game has features like Career Mode, which allow fighters to train as the underdog, fight, and emerge victorious like Adonis Creed as the story plays out.

Rebel fighters will want to forge their own path to become a prize-winning boxer by playing in Exhibition Mode. This mode lets you pick the fights and which of the seven champion fighters you’re up against, which gives power to the player.

Survios has also given players that want to beef up their training a Training Mode with Rocky Balboa. The training montage focuses on punching bags, speed conditioning, and keeps reflexes to roll, duck, and react to body shots sharp.

Fitness and Mechanics

There’s no doubt in our minds that CREED: Rise to Glory will be an amazing full body workout. We’ve demoed this game multiple times and it’s always been as authentic as you can get to stepping into an actual boxing ring or training at Mighty Mick’s gym.

As far as features go, “Phantom Melee Technology” essentially turns you into a ghost of yourself that looks like an out of body experience. This feature is triggered when a player is stunned or K.O.’d and fighters have to pose and then run back to their body.

Where to Buy CREED: Rise to Glory

Survios and Creed fans will want to secure their digital or hard copy by pre-ordering CREED: Rise to Glory today. If you order on release day, September 25th, you’ll get it for $29.99, but if you pre-order it now for PS+, you’ll get 10% off.