Rogan: The Thief in the Castle, a visually-stunning adventure game from Smilegate Entertainment, has received an Epic MegaGrant Award from Epic’s Unreal Dev Grant program. Smilegate is celebrating by announcing plans to develop a PVP mode.

In March, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney kicked off the Game Developers Conference with the announcement that Epic Games was committing $100 million to support game developers and others in the industry who are working to enhance 3D graphics. While the program obviously supports developers who use Unreal Engine, Sweeney made it clear that there were no strings attached to the grant funding.

Rogan: The Thief in the Castle takes place in Blackstone, a castle located in a remote area of a medieval-era kingdom. The game develops with the apparent murder of Lord Conrad of Castle Blackstone, who had once been a courageous knight, but has recently been old and frail. Now he’s dead and Victoria, one of his most trusted friends, is the main suspect. While she is trying to escape the ensuing chaos, Victoria encounters Rogan, a thief who has sneaked into the castle and who agrees to help her find the true murderer.

Rogan was recently featured at the World Cyber Games in Xi’an, China. Visitors to the Smilegate area at WCG could try Rogan and Focus on You, a dating adventure game, as well as Phaser Lock Interactive’s WWII-themed strategy game Final Assault.

Smilegate, a video game developer and publisher based in South Korea, was a major sponsor of WCG 2019 and the company partnered with Phaser Lock Interactive to develop Final Assault. This was the first year that the World Cyber Games, formed in 2000, actually hosted a VR Tournament.

This partnership shows a positive collaboration between the South Korean company and the virtual reality studio based in Austin, Texas.

Regardless of who is developing the games, it’s obvious that esports and gaming are in demand.

In addition to the announcement about a PVP mode, Smilegate has also announced that Rogan: The Thief in the Castle will have a 25% discount from August 25 through September 6 on all platforms to celebrate the Epic MegaGrant Award.

Smilegate executives from left to right: Wonseok Choi (Director: Focus on You), Jiwon Kim (Department Manager), Daejin Danial Kim (Head of VR Development), Sangkyoon Lee (Director: Rogan), Seunghwoe Kim (Project Manager)