Stealth Black Raptors. Available in 3 colors. Credit to: Everysight

Imagine yourself cycling on a city road, on a mountainside, in France, or in the Balkans. Eversight’s Raptor AR Biking Glasses will keep the elements away from your eyes as you pick a destination, cycle, and navigate the world around you with augmented lenses.

Fitness trainers have successfully developed their own gamified AR workouts and The NBA has just come out with their own game. It’s time for cycling to have their own AR gear and experiences.

Safety First

Whether you’re a street, mountain, or a free-wheelin’ cyclist, your eyesight is important to staying safe and aware of who and what’s ahead and around you at all times. Designed to be more effective than standard cycling lenses, the Raptor AR glasses are rain and dust resistant so you can wear them in any weather, location, or season.

Near the bridge of the glasses is a tiny projector that sends an image onto the lenses so you can safely and effortlessly view the road or terrain ahead of you. Everything projected onto the screen will be transparent enough to see through and can be moved around so you can have it positioned where you like it.

Raptor AR frames can handle consistent wear and tear with a TR90 Grilamid EMS frame. Bicyclists can purchase an Rx adaptor so riders who wear glasses won’t have to smoosh their glasses behind their Raptors, instead, they’ll only have to put lenses onto the adaptor. Get bug, sun, and wind protection for your eyes by using the dark or light tinted Raptor visors for added support in during weather changes and across various environments.

Don’t get lost or take a wrong turn in an unfamiliar place. The AR Raptors are equipped with GPS so you can accurately see how far you are from home and where you are in conjunction with your destination. Cyclists are free to upload directive maps and cycling routes to the glasses for a quick reference and navigation to multiple destinations.

Give Data, Get Data

Credit to: Everysight

If you rely on cycling data to guide you further in personal, professional, or even friendly competition, you’ll benefit from seeing data in the Android and iOS compatible Everysight app in your own post-ride recap. The Raptor glasses have 5 built-in sensors to track and show you data: 3D Accelerometer, 3D Gyroscope, 3D Magnetometer, Barometer, and a Proximity Sensor.

Virtual Reality Society explains that sensors like the magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope work together to tell your glasses which direction (N S E W) you’re facing, how fast you’re moving, and the power behind it. While the barometer determines your altitude and the proximity sensor tells the glasses you’re wearing them. Pair it with a smartwatch to see your heart rate and how well you’re making it up that steep hill.

Smart Arc, will help you track where you are on a hill or incline and also to gather data that will help you push through it. Just look at the green, yellow, or red zones and special count-down intervals to see if you’re accelerating according to plan or falling behind.

Keeping Connected

Credit to: Everysight

When you get in the zone you don’t want to stop to navigate your glasses. The good news is, the Raptor AR glasses will let you keep one hand on the handlebar as you use your finger to swipe and make selections on the right touchpad while touching the left one to turn the display on and off. You can even make it so your hands never have to leave the handlebars by adding a paired round touch control your bike.

Answer calls and keep your hands free from texting and cycling, there’s no need to check your phone when you’ve got the Raptor glasses and Bluetooth paired together with your smartphone. Emails, notifications, and text messages will appear in front of your eyes. This can help group or team riders communicate with each other and can keep you connected with family, friends, and work when you’re on the road. Cycling buddies who have Raptor AR glasses can also show up on your map as well.  

Music, Pictures, and Video

Credit to: Everysight

If you hate having silent bike rides, want to drown out city traffic, or need music to get you through traffic or hills, then Raptor AR Biking Glasses is your DJ. All you need to do is upload your mp3 music playlists to the hardware and enjoy up to 8 hours and 120 miles of motivation.

Use voice command to take HD photos and record videos with audio so you can create new memories, and then share the sights and sounds of the cities and towns you ride through alone or with friends.

Where to Get It

Chris “Macca” McCormack. Credit to: Everysight

Currently Raptor AR Biking Glasses are not available in stores, however, you can pre-purchase them by requesting to be a part of an exclusive invitation. Pre-orders start on November 15, 2017, for the price of $499.