The Razer Blade

Virtual reality has only just entered the realm of console gaming. Meanwhile, on the PC side of things, gaming laptops are only getting stronger. Customers are now able to pre-order the new Razer Blade starting at 1,799.99 USD. With a price tag like that, the machine is definitely considered a high-end product. Those who can afford it, though, can look forward to some heavy-duty hardware.

The Razer Blade bills itself as a powerful, ultra-thin, “gaming perfected,” and “VR ready” gaming laptop. Weighing in at just over 4 pounds, measuring 14 inches across, and just under an inch tall, it fits the bill as highly portable. The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 powers the graphics, the memory boasts 16G of RAM, and the Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad-Core processor runs the whole show. It all sounds impressive in theory, but can it be used for VR gaming?

The Nuts and Bolts of the Gaming Laptop


Logical Increments’ VR guide recommends a machine to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM to be able to enjoy a VR experience. 16GB of RAM won’t exactly future-proof a gaming rig, but it should be able to handle anything coming out in the next year or two. Finally, a gamer will want a hefty 32GB of RAM for the “most immersive experience.” Even keeping in mind that these numbers are for a PC, the 512GB Razer Blade still comes out cheaper than Logical Increments’ “Extreme VR Build.”

Of course, with the Razer Blade being a laptop, there are trade-offs. A gamer receives the ability to play games wherever they bring their machine to, but fueling all that power is no easy feat. One of the most common complaints about gaming laptops is how battery life blinks out quicker than a snowman in May. Reviews have already talked about the “below-average battery life” of the Razer Blade. But gamers expect gaming laptops with mediocre battery lives.

Still, despite that drawback, the strength of the Razer Blade is its size. Facing competition with the likes of the Origin EON17-SLX and the MSI GT80 Titan, it is not unusual for VR-ready laptops to weigh 9 to 10 pounds. The Razer Blade cuts that heavy weight in half. This is a big deal for gamers on the move. It might just be the right gaming laptop for the VR gamer, provided there’s an outlet nearby.

– Osmond Arnesto