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We have reviewed the top VR fitness games that can give you an amazing workout and compiled them in the best list of VR fitness game reviews online! We give you the detail you want when looking for your next Virtual Reality Fitness Game!

Latest VR Fitness Games

The Final Overs VR Game Review – VR Cricket with Promise

Cricket is a game that is played all over the world with 2.5 BILLION fans and to be honest, I had and still somewhat have no idea how to play it. You have your titles that deliver a true-to-form simulation like 2MD Football, and then you have your more out there and wacky titles like […]

Hitstream VR Game Review- A Breath of Fresh Air for VR Workouts

VR Rhythm games have been swarming the VR game world for some time now and it seems with each month, another developer throws their hat into the ring to try and stand out among the ever-thickening crowd. It’s hard to blame them too because if there’s a genre that suits VR better than rhythm games, […]

All in One Sports VR Game Review- Arcade Sports Action with Friends

Way back in the day, we had a little thing called the Nintendo Wii. This strange console from the original videogame masters introduced the world to motion controls in your home for the first time. One of the shining examples of the Wii was Wii Sports. It had a bunch of sports that were playable […]

Gorilla Tag VR Game Review- Crazy High Intensity Tag

Sometimes, a game comes out that gains so much popularity so quickly that it’s impossible to understand how are why or where this all began. These days, it seems that the games of this variety that do explode like this all have one thing in common. They are free. No risk, high reward is the […]

Rezill Player 21- Soccer Training VR Game Review

Despite being the most popular sport in the entire world, we have never gotten a true Soccer game in VR. You have to think that the reason for that is partially because of the tracking limitations of most VR headsets, but the other reason has to be that the consistent movement in a game like […]

Gym Class VR Game Review- Shoot Around with Friends in VR

It’s been tough to engage in team sports over the past year. Particularly, basketball has suffered greatly as the joy of heading to a local park to play some pickup has now become a thing of the past. So Gym Class VR appears to us as a solid if a bit unrefined of an alternative. […]

Reakt: Performance Trainer VR Review – Train to Become a Superior Human

VR has shown the ability to be far more about gaming. We’ve seen advances in the medical world with VR, through sports, and through people with certain disabilities as well. The spectrum of things that can be improved with VR is nearly endless and Reakt comes to us with a fascinating spin on how to […]

The Climb 2 VR Game Review – Terrifyingly Awesome Cliffhanger From Crytek

There’s no doubt Oculus has high hopes for The Climb 2. One of only six titles to earn a hallowed spot on the retail box for the Quest 2 at launch, it was one of the big three announced as being exclusive to the Oculus Quest platform. I already reviewed the other two in recent […]

SET VR- Game Review – Self Defense VR Training With a Punch

Sometimes, an idea sounds so good on paper, but just doesn’t ever seem to come to fruition when the project is completed. Unfortunately, that is the situation with SET VR. It promises to do something that is amazingly unique to VR; provide a hand-to-hand combat simulator, which for us here at VRFI, sounds like a […]

VRWorkout Game Review- A Physically Intense Full-Body Fitness Experience

Another week, another rhythm game, right? I mean that’s all this looks like on the surface. But have you ever heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover? Because in VRWorkout, the book is filled with the most physically intense experience in all of VR. This is not hyperbole; this is the equivalent […]

Thief Simulator VR Game Review – An Incredibly in Depth VR Look at the World of Thievery

When it comes to VR games, immersion is the most important thing I can think of. Whether it’s the way Half-Life: Alyx brings you into a virtual world like few have ever seen via its amazing graphics and physics system or how Blade and Sorcery figuring out how it should feel to plunge a sword […]

Brain Beats VR Game Review- A Relaxing VR Rhythm Game

VR Rhythm games have become the single most played and made games in VR right now. It’s a bit of a surprise because, before Beatsaber, you really saw mostly sports games, shooters, and slashers coming out in the VR world. Since that epic moment in VR history though, we’ve gotten a deluge of new games […]

Powder VR- Skiing and Snowboarding Fully Realized in Your Living Room

Sports simulation is one of the genres that was obvious when VR first introduced and despite approaching its 5th year in the mainstream, there hasn’t been a ton of greatly successful sports titles. There is still no great basketball sim out there, baseball titles are few and far between and football only has one title […]

Virtual Ricochet VR Game Review – Lasers and Ping Pong That’ll Make You Sweat

I’ll be honest, I’m quite mystified at how to classify vertical ricochet. From my best approximation, it’s basically ping pong meets space pirate trainer meets tennis? It’s a tough one to pin properly. That’s nothing to say about the actual fun factor of the game though because it really is fun to play it’s just […]

Ragnarock VR Game Review – A Deceptively Great VR Workout

I know what you are thinking. “Oh look another Rhythm Game in VR”. While that genre seems to be one of the more popular if not market saturating, Ragnarock stands out on its own. Ragnarock places you at the helm of a Viking Longship. You play the role of a Viking Drummer beating the drums […]

Tales of Glory 2: Retaliation VR Game Review – Tactical Military Combat and Espionage in VR

Growing up, I dreamed of a day and I mean literally dreamed where a game would exist that would put me in the persona of a medieval warrior, able to raise my own castles, control the villages, the economy as well as engaging in fights. Mount and Blade came out in 2009 to realize these […]

Blaston VR Game Review- Fun Gunfights With Your Friends

With VR being in its infancy in relativity to all other gaming platforms, it’s still getting finding its footing in terms of genres. We have the ever-popular rhythm genre, the shooters, the swords and sorcery experiences, and the sports. Seems like there are very few genres left to create, that’s why when one appears to […]

Hoops Madness VR Game Review – VR Basketball That Provides a Great Arm Workout

Nailing the physics of something like sports is a tough thing to do in VR. But right now given the state of our world, it’s not the best idea to engage in a game of pickup basketball with total strangers sweating all over you, so the alternative comes to you in the virtual realm. While […]

Synth Riders VR Game Review – Dance Dance Evolution

  The world of VR rhythm games gets more crowded each week it seems. While some put their stamp on the genre in unique and exciting ways, others seem to half-ass it and expect to be the new BeatSaber. The key to becoming part of the superstars in this genre is taking the basic idea […]

PowerBeatsVR Game Review- Intense VR Rhythm Workout

Oh no, you must be thinking, is this yet another rhythm game review in VR? Well, yes, but trust me when I tell you this isn’t just another indie developer throwing together a vaguely impressive Beat Saber clone, Five Mind Creations’ PowerBeats VR has been fine-tuning its formula for a couple of years and is […]

Swordsman VR Game Review – Medieval Combat That Will Test Your Fighting Skills

Imitation is the best form of flattery. That’s a statement that has rung true for a very long time, but in the world of VR, it seems to ring a bit less true than it usually would. When a game as groundbreaking as Blade and Sorcery comes up, it’s going to have its fair share […]

Population: One VR Game Review: Battle Royale Game That Will Make You Sweat

Ah, the battle royale genre, what an absolute dominant run this game type has had on the world of videogames of late. Where it hasn’t been as well represented is in the world of VR. There are a couple of offerings like Stand Out and Virtual Battlegrounds, but Population: One has the feeling similar to […]

The Walking Dead Onslaught VR Game Review- A Disturbing But Fun Way to Burn Some Calories.

The Walking Dead has become somewhat of a phenomenon in pop culture. It’s spawned everything from spin-off shows to a successful game series within the Tell-Tale Games world as well. Earlier this year, The Walking Dead: Sinners and Saints was released to give life to the comics in a way that was both incredibly gratifying […]

Move it Up VR Game Review- Fight Dancing with Friends

When it comes to the rhythm genre of VR games, it becomes tough after a while to truly distinguish one from the other. There are the titans of this genre which include Beat Saber, Audioshield and the most recent additions to this have been Kongfusion and X-booster. All of them have one thing in common […]

Realfit VR – VR Fitness Game Review: A Creative Way to Exercise in the Virtual World

As we continue to try and exist in 2020, several things remain unavailable to us. Something that has been so ingrained in society over the past 15 years, the gym, has become largely inaccessible to many parts of the world and the way we work out now has become somewhat of a puzzle. You could […]

Holopoint Oculus Edition VR Game Review: The Ultimate Archery Challenge!

Holopoint Oculus Edition is the name given by developer Alzan Studios to its mobile port of the legendary Steam, PC VR classic workout game Holopoint. When this game released way back in 2016 it was something of a pioneer. For example, it boasted a true 360-degree room-scale environment at a time when Oculus Rift users […]

FitXR VR Game Review – BoxVR Now Packs A Bigger Punch!

FitXR, from the developers of the same name, is the newly rejuvenated and re-inspired version of the perennial VR fitness favorite BoxVR. Arriving as a free, and automatic update for Oculus Quest users, it replaces the original BoxVR, at least on that platform. PCVR and Playstation users will presumably get this update later on, but […]

KongFusion VR Game Review- Go Ninja Go!

The rhythm game is something that has found its way into the core of the VR world. We have numerous titles to choose from such as Beat Saber, Audioshield, and countless others. There’s one thing about those games though that doesn’t register. It doesn’t make you feel cool. You’re slashing and you’re hitting orbs out […]

Function VR Fitness Game Review- Personal Training in VR

  VR has been reaching into the next realm of its existence lately. What I mean by that is it’s becoming more than just a gaming platform, there are now apps that act as social hubs and creator suites that can let you build your very own worlds within. VR is expanding and one of […]

Scraper: Gauntlet VR Fitness Game Review – Cull An AI Uprising

Sometimes all you really want to do is immerse yourself in a virtual world and shoot waves of robots. Luckily, that counts as VR fitness! Well, sort of. Scraper: Gauntlet is the followup to Scraper: First Strike, but unlike its predecessor, it has exactly one focus: sending waves of robots to face you down while […]
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