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We have reviewed the top VR fitness games that can give you an amazing workout and compiled them in the best list of VR fitness game reviews online! We give you the detail you want when looking for your next Virtual Reality Fitness Game!

Latest VR Fitness Games

Move it Up VR Game Review- Fight Dancing with Friends

When it comes to the rhythm genre of VR games, it becomes tough after a while to truly distinguish one from the other. There are the titans of this genre which include Beat Saber, Audioshield and the most recent additions to this have been Kongfusion and X-booster. All of them have one thing in common […]

Realfit VR – VR Fitness Game Review: A Creative Way to Exercise in the Virtual World

As we continue to try and exist in 2020, several things remain unavailable to us. Something that has been so ingrained in society over the past 15 years, the gym, has become largely inaccessible to many parts of the world and the way we work out now has become somewhat of a puzzle. You could […]

Holopoint Oculus Edition VR Game Review: The Ultimate Archery Challenge!

Holopoint Oculus Edition is the name given by developer Alzan Studios to its mobile port of the legendary Steam, PC VR classic workout game Holopoint. When this game released way back in 2016 it was something of a pioneer. For example, it boasted a true 360-degree room-scale environment at a time when Oculus Rift users […]

FitXR VR Game Review – BoxVR Now Packs A Bigger Punch!

FitXR, from the developers of the same name, is the newly rejuvenated and re-inspired version of the perennial VR fitness favorite BoxVR. Arriving as a free, and automatic update for Oculus Quest users, it replaces the original BoxVR, at least on that platform. PCVR and Playstation users will presumably get this update later on, but […]

KongFusion VR Game Review- Go Ninja Go!

The rhythm game is something that has found its way into the core of the VR world. We have numerous titles to choose from such as Beat Saber, Audioshield, and countless others. There’s one thing about those games though that doesn’t register. It doesn’t make you feel cool. You’re slashing and you’re hitting orbs out […]

Function VR Fitness Game Review- Personal Training in VR

  VR has been reaching into the next realm of its existence lately. What I mean by that is it’s becoming more than just a gaming platform, there are now apps that act as social hubs and creator suites that can let you build your very own worlds within. VR is expanding and one of […]

Scraper: Gauntlet VR Fitness Game Review – Cull An AI Uprising

Sometimes all you really want to do is immerse yourself in a virtual world and shoot waves of robots. Luckily, that counts as VR fitness! Well, sort of. Scraper: Gauntlet is the followup to Scraper: First Strike, but unlike its predecessor, it has exactly one focus: sending waves of robots to face you down while […]

X- Booster VR Game Review- Fight to the Beat

Lately, the most booming genre of the VR world has been the rhythm game. With most of the world confined to their homes as their workout spaces, developers from all over are trying to capitalize on this fact with their own brand of rhythm game. Most games in this genre have basically the same flavor […]

Iron Man VR- VR Game Review- You Are Iron Man

  When VR first came out, there were a certain amount of experiences that people were looking forward to. There was the crowd that wanted to get thrust into the Medieval world. Tales of Glory and various others have you covered here. Then there was the crowd that wanted Star Wars to become their reality. […]

Axegend VR Game Review- Rogue-like Fantasy Action

Sometimes a game comes out that doesn’t try to be the huge market changing product that bridges players and non-game players together such as Fortnite, Minecraft, or Beat Saber. Sometimes a game simply just wants you to have fun. Simple, silly, and occasionally difficult fun that doesn’t ask too much of its game engine and […]

Phantom: Covert Ops VR Game Review- Stealth Action via Canoe

Way back in the yesteryears of gaming, Metal Gear Solid was released and exposed the gaming community to the world of tactical espionage. Stealth was the name of the game and suddenly sneaking in and out of shadows and air vents were the new Rambo. Fast forward 24 years and we have Phantom: Covert Ops […]

Hellsplit Arena: VR Game Review- Immortal Combat

There are so many games that claim realistic physics, but very few execute them in satisfying ways. Getting a weapon hit in a semi-realistic way is incredibly difficult to pull off and getting the enemies to respond in a believable way to the impact is even harder. While Blade and Sorcery has set the blueprint […]

Tower Tag VR Game Review- Tower Hopping Laser Tag

When it comes to new platforms such as VR, it seems everyone is always looking for the unique game that’s going to set the stage for all other games of its’ type. The next big thing is always something that is so unique from its’ predecessors that, while it may borrow some gameplay features, it […]

Crawling of the Dead VR Game Review – Engaging Creepy VR Experience

Since VR has released, there have been several genres that have dominated the game space. We have our shooters, our melee combat based adventures, our rhythm games, and our racing games. So what’s the genre that’s missing? What is the one type of game that has been wildly popular over the last decade that has […]

Tales of Glory VR Game Review: Medieval Warfare Comes to VR

Back in 2010, there was a game called Mount and Blade: Warband. It was an indie title of epic proportions that let you create a medieval empire, selecting what troops you’d like to take into battle, training them, engaging in politics with different lords, and engaging in incredibly huge battles. It was rough around the […]

Holodia Holofit Full Review – Bringing Virtual Reality to Rowing Machines, Bicycles and Ellipticals

A personal aside (Or how I got from rowing, to not, and back again) With the launch of Holodia’s Holofit to the VR home market, my personal virtual reality fitness journey has come full circle. I’ve always aspired to be active. I developed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in my twenties, which ultimately necessitated a bone marrow transplant […]

Song Beater: Quite My Tempo VR Game Review- Rhythm Dancing With a Punch

The VR music genre has become quite a crowded affair. We’ve got everything from games like beat saber to some unique affairs like Audioshield with so many others in between. It seems that VR rhythm games have been the most popular types recently and it’s most likely because they are competitive and an amazing game […]

Fighting Clans VR Game Review- Back Alley Fight Club That Feels Punchy

VR tends to stick to three core game types. Shooting, melee weapon combat, and boxing of some form or another. Of those three, the boxing ones seem to be the easiest to nail. Seems is the word to key on here because although we have such outstanding boxing titles like Thrill of the Fight and Knockout League, there […]

Archer VR Game Review- Wannabe Fantasy Archers Unite for a Serious Arm Workout

Wave shooters never really appealed to me on games with controllers, but in VR things get a little more interesting. This becomes especially so when the wave shooter is bow and arrow based and while we already have several great bow and arrow based titles in Hollowpoint and Sacralith VR, Archer VR comes in an […]

2MD: Football Evolution VR Game Review: Run the Two Minute Drill in a Sci-Fi Dystopia

Seeing as the world is pretty much devoid of sports at the moment, 2MD: VR Football Evolution does a great job of not only giving us a solid quarterback simulation but also in providing some fun graphic updates to its’ first game, 2MD: VR Football as well. The Premise is a dystopian future where we’ve […]

Smashing Healthy VR Game Review- Punching Cubes in a Fantasy World

Music-based VR games have been incredibly popular so far as we are seeing the basic infancy of what this genre of gaming is to become. There are some fantastic examples in Beat Saber and Audioshield and then some less impressive titles. Smashing Healthy VR has some truly unique features making it worth a look while […]

Ironlights VR Game Review – Multiplayer Sword Fighting Game That is a Blast to Play

As 2020 continues to be a time of great change in the world, we see the VR world beginning to change as well. Landmark titles like Half-Life: Alyx are being released to seemingly raise the bar for VR game developers and in the multiplayer space, we’re seeing a particular genre throw its’ hat into the […]

Swords of Gurrah VR Game Review: Sword Fighting with Friends

When VR first jumped into the mainstream, I imagined one thing. Melee combat VR in an online arena with other players where various weapons, tactics, and levels were all available to choose from. Strangely enough, the VR gaming landscape didn’t introduce anything of the sort. There were some fantastic melee combat experiences like Blade and Sorcery, […]

Audioshield VR Game Review – Break a Sweat Listening to Your Own Music Library

Audioshield is the original virtual reality rhythm game, birthing the medium’s most popular, some might argue derivative genre when it launched way back in 2016. Immediately a hit with Steam VR users, Audioshield racked up thousands of positive reviews on the service. Users loved it for its ability to easily play your own songs, and […]

VZFit Explorer Review – Cycle the World in Virtual Reality

The VZFit is a unique accessory developed by Virzoom that allows for any stationary bike to be connected wirelessly to an Oculus Quest or Oculus Go headset. The hardware package consists of a Bluetooth pedal mounted sensor and a simple Bluetooth controller. Check out my complete and comprehensive VZFit hardware review for an in-depth look […]

VZFit Play Review – Transform Your Indoor Bike into a VR Fitness Games Machine

The VZFit is a unique accessory developed by Virzoom that allows for any stationary bike to be connected wirelessly to an Oculus Quest or Oculus Go headset. The hardware package consists of a Bluetooth pedal mounted sensor and a simple Bluetooth controller. Check out my complete and comprehensive VZFit review for an in-depth look at […]

OhShape VR Game Review – Flexible Full Body Rhythm Workout

Hole in the Wall was an American television show that originally aired from 2008 to 2009. The show was an adaptation of the Japanese game Nōkabe (脳カベ), meaning “Brain Wall” [1] where players had to contort their bodies to fit through cutouts in a large wall moving towards them. If unable to do so correctly, […]

Path of the Warrior Game Review – A Violent Nostalgia Trip Worth Taking!

An Unexpected Announcement Path of the Warrior was a surprise winter release, being both announced and launched immediately at The Game Awards 2019. Developer Twisted Pixel has some serious VR pedigree having already created the excellent and atmospheric 1950’s set horror Wilson’s Heart, as well as the recent Bond-Esque spy thriller Defector. Both games are […]

The Climb VR Game Review – Race Your Way to the Mountaintop!

My first experience with Crytek’s adrenaline-fuelled free solo simulator The Climb came way back in July 2017. As someone who is terrified of heights, watching Youtubers scream and yelp as they attempted, and failed to traverse a treacherous cliff face, plummeting to their virtual deaths was both thrilling and intriguing and was one of the […]

BONEWORKS VR Game Review – the Physics are Phenomenal but Pukey

The joints in my fingers angrily insist I drop the stuffed monkey I have been tightly clutching for fifteen minutes. I cannot. It is protecting me. Grasping it tighter, I scan the room for the tenth time. The door across from me is open just a crack, but the gap is wide enough to allow […]
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