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Goalkeep VR Game Review – Intense Onslaught of Soccer Balls

Bring out the marshmallow gloves. Goalkeep VR is a soccer sim that pits you against a never-ending onslaught of soccer balls. Available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, raise your hands and raise your heart rate as you put your reflexes to the test. This game is intense and if you’re not ready it will […]

Sprint Vector Game Review: A Fun VR Sprint Racing Game!

Survios is one of the most successful developers of virtual reality games and the creator of Sprint Vector, a fun, stylized game that pushes players both physically and competitively. For the time being, Sprint Vector is only available to play in select arcades around the country. Survios is taking applications to participate in the in-home […]

Bitslap Game Review – Tabata High Intensity Interval Training Meets VR

One of the most effective ways to execute an intense cardio workout in a short amount of time is with High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Generally, these intersperse periods of movement conducted at maximum exertion for a short period of time, usually 30 seconds to a minute, alternated with a rest period, usually 30 to 90 […]

OVERTURN Game Review – Light Exercise with a Punch

Overturn is a short, story-driven action/adventure/puzzle game available on The Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive. In this fast-paced anime inspired VR title you play as a girl lost inside a laboratory punching her way to freedom. You have no memory of who you are, how you got here or how cliche your story is. […]

2MD VR Football Game Review – Pass The Pigskin

Trapped inside most men is a wannabe football player.  A few lucky individuals with great genetics are able to combine their desire to become a gridiron great with hard work and actually play the sport professionally.  The rest of us end up like Uncle Rico, wondering what would have happened if coach would have just […]

The Fastest Fist Game Review – An Intense VR Workout

As Bruce Lee says, “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like Virtual Reality.” Ok, I might have miss-quoted Mr. Lee on that, however, you can quote me as saying The Fastest Fist is among the best VR Fitness games currently available for the HTC Vive. In this fast-paced boxing trainer sim you spar against […]

Game Review – Finding VR Nirvana With Guided Meditations

Meditation has been proven to have immense emotional and physical benefits.  It’s a practice that has been around for thousands of years, but many people find it quite elusive.   The thought of sitting still and focusing for a set amount of time can be intimidating.  It’s also difficult to find the time to weave it […]

Dracula: Vampires Vs. Zombies Game Review

If you are up for a fun, don’t take yourself too serious type of game, then check out Dracula: Vampires Vs. Zombies. This game is a mix of cartoonish gore meets b-movie type characters. The game is a typical “wave shooter” but it has just enough variety that it doesn’t get boring too fast. At […]

Sparc Game Review – Intense Arena Dodgeball Workout

PlayStation VR is the virtual reality platform with the largest install base, but Sparc is the first time we’ve done a fitness review on a PSVR game. We’ve been anticipating this title since they began releasing images and video last year. The developers have spent a lot of time putting together a product with the […]

GORN Game Review – Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Gladiatorial combat may have gained popularity in the arena’s of ancient Rome, but it can still be found alive and well on the HTC VIVE with GORN.  Hack, slash, and dismember your way to victory and better health with this hilarious take on this popular ancient sport. Preparation I chose to wear the full Maximus […]

Box VR Game Review – Duck, Dodge, Punch and Jump!

Duck, dodge, punch and… jump?! Here at VR Fitness Insider, we got an early beta invite to Box VR and so I decided to give it a spin to see how well it would lend itself to a true, heart-pumping workout. Although there were a few nuances that needed tweaked, it didn’t disappoint in getting […]

Rescuties Game Review – Catching Babies & Breaking a Sweat

I have cat like reflexes. Was I born with these?  Absolutely not.  I’ve developed them purely to survive. Why? Because I have a VERY active toddler. Kids (especially babies) throw and drop stuff. All. The. Time. Over the past few years my ability to catch random things while seeing them start to drop out of […]

Hot Squat Game Review – A Great VR Leg Workout

“This is going to be SO EASY!” “It can’t be that hard just bobbing up and down in place can it?” “I probably won’t even break a sweat” These were the things I was telling myself before trying out Hot Squat VR and let me tell you, each of the statements was 100% WRONG. Hot Squat […]

Superhot VR Game Review – Excellent Core Workout

Superhot VR is a supercharged strategy FPS for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift where time only moves when you do. Conjured within a minimalistic and monochromatic backdrop, you’ll encounter a single red polygonal humanoid that shatters to pieces when confronted. Thus begins your journey through the Matrixesque world of Superhot VR. Punch, stab, throw, and […]

The Thrill of the Fight Game Review – Best VR Boxing

How can professional boxers get so tired when they are pretty much standing in the same place and each round only lasts three measly minutes? Doesn’t seem that difficult. That’s what you might think if you’ve never tried it. Well, now there is a way to experience it without actually getting punched in the face […]

Sword Master VR Game Review – Intense Sword Fighting

Sword Master VR brings intense sword fighting to you in a game experience that will have you breathing hard as you fight your way out of hell. You’ll be slashing and slicing in every direction to defeat the waves of gigantic sword wielding beasts as skeletons cheer from the sideline. We put it it to […]
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