Rezzil Player 21 released later on in 2020, but the game has only continued to be iterated upon since that time. As of this week, a handful of major new developments with the game have now come about, some of which will surely please fans who have been looking for more content.

Rezzil announced recently that Rezzil Player 21 has now let loose its first piece of premium DLC. The paid content is being referred to as ‘Color Combo’ and brings with it a new drill for players to give a whirl. This routine is specifically said to be one of the “most popular and challenging exercises used by elite players around the globe.” It’s also one that is supposed to test the user’s “mental skills just as much as their footwork.”

As for what Color Combo entails specifically, the drill will ask players to kick a certain ball of the correct color. Doing so will net you points while kicking balls of different colors will lose them. While this idea might sound easy in writing, in execution it’s a bit more challenging. The exercise is extremely fast and forces you to not only recognize the colored ball you need to kick right away, but then you need to respond with your own body just as fast.

And if you’re thinking that this is a drill that wouldn’t contain any real-world benefits, well, you’d be wrong. Rezzil Player 21, and this now-accompanying Color Combo drill, have been used by some of the top soccer teams around the world including Manchester United, Los Angeles Football Club, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). “Rezzil has proven to be an essential training tool for many of the world’s top soccer clubs, and we’re delighted to be offering people at home the chance to play like the pros with Rezzil Player 21,” said Rezzil’s Adam Dickinson in an accompanying press release. Dickinson serves as the Development Director at Rezzil.

Likely the coolest part of this new Color Combo DLC is that your score will go up on the worldwide leaderboard and will be compared to all other soccer players who might utilze Rezzil Player 21. In fact, Rezzil goes as far as to say that scouts might even be monitoring the leaderboards and could reach out to those who put together some truly outstanding high scores. “The optional ability for home players to upload their stats and have real scouts poring over the data in their hunt for the superstars of tomorrow also adds an exciting extra dimension to the home experience,” Dickinson went on to say. 

Rezzil Player 21 continues to be one of the cooler VR applications on the market right now. Not only does simply playing the game in your own living room help you stay active and burn off those calories, but it can also have real-life benefits to your own soccer game. If you’re someone who plays soccer regularly with a group of friends, or heck, maybe even at an amateur level, Rezzil Player 21 will help you to continue keeping your skills sharp in between matches.

Rezzil Player 21 is currently available for free across both Steam and Viveport. It’s accessible for the moment with only HTC Vive and Valve Index VR headsets, but more platforms might be added in the future. Additionally, you also need to own the Vive trackers and strap devices in order to play.

As for this new Color Combo add-on content, the pack will set you back $14.99 typically. Luckily, if you opt to purchase the DLC via Steam, it’s currently marked down by 15% and is available for only $12.75.

For everything else related to Rezzil and Rezzil Player 21, you can head over to the company’s official website if you’d like to learn more.