When it comes to working out with sports-related activities, nothing is going to ever beat the real thing. Fortunately, as VR technology continues to advance in new ways, the margins between real-world sports and those you might experience in the realm of video games are continuing to grow closer and closer.

Rezzil Player 21 is the newest example of this and has today released for specific VR headsets on Steam. The game, which is completely free, is developed by Rezzil and is meant to help you improve your own soccer (or football, for those of you outside of the United States) skills in novel ways.

Rezzil has created Player 21 to use the same tech that players around the globe have at their disposal when it comes to virtual training. In fact, Rezzil has been available to some of the biggest soccer teams in the world, such as Manchester United, PSG, and Arsenal for quite some time now, with today’s release being the first version of the game built for consumers at home.

As for what Rezzil Player 21 allows you to take advantage of, players will be given a number of different drills help mirror “what the worlds best players do day in, day out against the clock.” Some of these drills can help improve your shooting skills in the real world, too. Challenges also feature scores so that you can compete against your pals as well so that you still have some sense of competition on the virtual pitch.

You can get a look at Rezzil Player 21 in action in the trailer right here:

[vimeo 466901566 w=640 h=360]

Rezzil Player 21 – Gameplay Trailer from Rezzil on Vimeo.

“Rezzil has proven to be an essential training tool for many of the world’s top football clubs, and we’re delighted to be offering people at home the chance to play like the pros with Rezzil Player 21,” said Rezzil’s Sports Director Andy Etches regarding today’s release. “We’re very aware that the current pandemic has really affected both pro and amateur players and so Rezzil is a great way to help keep their fine footballing skills in focus. The optional ability for home players to upload their stats and have real scouts poring over the data in their hunt for the superstars of tomorrow also adds an exciting extra dimension to the home experience.”

Rezzil has been pushing the bar forward in the soccer scene with VR tech for awhile now, so it’s cool to see that their software has finally landed in the hands of general consumers at this point. We’ve actually reported on Rezzil in the past a few times here at VR Fitness Insider, as the company has previously partnered with Harena Data to help improve the soccer skills of those who take part in youth leagues around the globe. Hopefully, the in-home version of Rezzil Player 21 will prove to be just as beneficial in improving your soccer skills as it has with others who have utilized it. If this tech can help pros out, after all, then it should surely be able to assist those of us who are amateurs as well.

Rezzil Player 21 is out right now on Steam and can be added to your own game library free of charge. For now, the game is only compatible on HTC Vive and Valve Index devices, but new headsets should hopefully be available in the future.

For additional information on Rezzil Player 21, you can head over to the game’s official website to learn more.