The MarineVerse Cup Winter Games 2021 Competition has begun for virtual sailors around the world as they participate in daily races through March 14 for an opportunity to win a portion of a $700 AUD + $150 GBP prize pool.

The Winter Games Race Series features four leagues:  standard, pro, dinghy and WASZP. One eligible entry per person will be accepted per league in the competition and while participants aren’t required to do every daily race event, they must take part in more than 50% of events or at least 8 races.

Participants can also participate in the Yacht GB Winter Game Race.

MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup is a competitive VR sailing game that enables players around the world to compete in multiplayer races. In addition, the game has a supportive community with developers and other VR sailors ready to answer questions or discuss the latest sailing news.

Since they began working together in 2016, the MarineVerse team has worked to create top notch sailing experiences and make sailing something anyone could experience in immersive environments. With the launch of MarineVerse Cup on the Oculus Quest store on January 26, VR sailing has become even more accessible since headsets like the Quest 2 make it particularly easy for casual enthusiasts to enjoy the VR sailing experience and participate in competitive VR sailing events such as the MarineVerse Cup Winter Games 2021 Competition. (The game is currently available on the Quest store as an App Lab experience.)

How to Begin

  1. Have or create a MarineVerse account here.
  2. Download MarineVerse Cup from Steam or the Oculus Quest Store.
  3. Complete tutorials. (If needed, ask for help on the MarineVerse Discord Server.)
  4. Start racing in Daily Race Practice. You’ll see a practice race every day!


There are a total of 12 prizes with first, second, and third place awards in each participating league (standard, pro, dinghy and WASZP).

  • First place: $100 AUD in Steam credits (1x AUD100 Steam Wallet Card)
  • Second place: $50 AUD in Steam credits (1x AUD50 Steam Wallet Card)
  • Third place: $25 AUD in Steam credits (1x AUD25 Steam Wallet Card)

Prizes for Yacht GB are as following :

  • First place: $75 GBP in Amazon Gift cards
  • Second place: $50 GBP in Amazon Gift cards
  • Third place: $25 GBP in Amazon Gift cards

This MarineVerse race series is part of the VR Winter Games presented by Virtual Athletics League (VAL), an international league that offers support for arcade owners as well as competitive events for players in the arcade and home setting.

MarineVerse was founded in Melbourne, Australia and it’s not even winter there right now as our friends down under are enjoying the last days of summer. Very soon we’ll enter the beautiful days of spring in the eastern hemisphere and they’ll enjoy fall before another mild Australia winter in June, July and August.

When it comes to virtual reality, weather doesn’t matter since you can put on the headset and feel immersed in any location regardless of where you are in physical reality. For those who want to experience a true blast of winter sailing, however, you can enjoy VR Regatta Arctic, an expansion pack available for VR Regatta: The Sailing Game as downloadable content. MarineVerse launched VR Regatta in January 2018 and it remains the leading sailing game for major VR headsets.

Greg Dziemidowicz, director and lead developer at MarineVerse, has hinted that they might even add iceboats at some point. This would be an exciting addition to VR sailing options.

MarineVerse provides many options for sailing enthusiasts or others interested in trying this sport. The community is friendly and welcoming. We encourage you to check out MarineVerse Cup and let us know how you perform in the daily races throughout the MarineVerse Cup Winter Games 2021 Competition.