Credit to: Schell Games

Schell Games already saw enormous success with its VR escape game I Expect You to Die. Now, the developer is going into more intense territory with the sword combat game Until You Fall, and the first teaser shows both brutal and tactical action.

En garde!

In the teaser, we saw the player wielding a sword in both hands while a cursor is located on the ground in front of them. Once they’ve spotted an enemy, the cursor locks onto their location and the player dashes into battle. As the enemy prepares each strike, a line appears to indicate where to place the player’s own sword. Eventually, this opens the enemy up to a few strikes, requiring speed and precision.

Other enemies’ attacks look like they can’t be blocked. At the very end of the teaser, we see a warrior wielding a hammer. Before he attacks, arrows indicate that the player has to dodge to the right, and it appears this is done by leaning. With that thrown into the mix, it’s sure to get your heart pumping, and will make each victory that much more exhilarating.

Schell Games describes Until You Fall as a rogue-lite, and there will be progression. In addition to gathering “Aether,” you’ll be able to create new weapons for battling enemies. They’ll include armored warriors as well as more monstrous atrocities. We’re not sure which are more powerful just yet, but that will likely change as we approach launch and see more gameplay.

Until You Fall will launch on VR platforms later this year. Schell Games currently has a newsletter available that will keep you informed on the latest updates for the title. I Expect You to Die is available now on Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. It will also be available at launch for Oculus Quest.