Have you ever waited in line at the gym for equipment only to find that there’s sweat all over it? Gross, right? Of course. No one wants or expects to touch the sweat and germs of another person after a workout. Get a life-changing exercise experience with the pre-release of Sensics Public VR headset. Say goodbye to frustrating gym sweat!

A Two-Part Structure

Sensics’ Public VR gear has what home VR systems don’t — an active and passive parts structure. The active part is the electronic gear that reads and transmits information through a 9-point tracking system and infrared window on the headset. While the passive parts are an adjustable and cleanable head strap and face mask, that can be attached and detached with the press of two buttons.

Active Gear

The active part, or the electronic hardware, gives you two high-resolution choices at check out — the 2880 x 1600 at 90 Frames Per Second (FPS) and the 2160 x 1200 at 90 FPS. This means you’ll get great frame rate, no slow-motion effects, and no lag time with either resolution you choose.

The electronic tracking and infrared system are built to process your location and movement within a large or small room, as well as processing what’s going on in the game or program in real-time. Customers will love the freedom and fluidity they’ll feel while getting their sweat on with the Sensics’ minimal cord system.

Unlike some other headsets, the Sensics system has learned what works best when it comes to sweat. Their gear comes with two fans and side vents that zap perspiration from inside the goggles and reduces heat during your sweatiest activities. Gym owners, staff, and gym-goers will appreciate not disrupting their workout to take the gear off over and over again.

Panoramic Views for Everyone

The 100-degree panoramic view is even more enjoyable for everyone with the adjustable focus for clients that wear glasses. Customers can safely take off their glasses and adjust the optics to fit their eyesight needs. This is safer and more inclusive for users that want to experience a VR workout, who would have been deterred without this function.

Sensics’ is looking into future designs that accommodate people who wear glasses by designing the eyepiece to fit glasses inside of it. They’re also looking into adding an integrated microphone and audio component that can be detrimental to an exerciser’s health and safety and will improve gym owners communication with their clients.

Passive But Effective

The passive part, or the head strap and face mask, are the most customer-friendly details that future VR gym owners and visitors shouldn’t overlook. The adjustable 3-pronged head strap may sound engulfing and uncomfortable, but it’s actually not. The design is meant to be flexible and fits the head sizes of children and adults so no one’s left out of experiencing it. The adjustable strap is secure and won’t fall off during intense workouts such as cardio kickboxing, floor exercises like sit-ups, and even rapid jumping involved with glute kicks.

Quick Cleanup

Located on a detachable ring or goggles on the inside of the hardware, the Sensics face mask can be quickly and easily put on, taken off, and put aside for later cleaning. This quick, easy and hygienic use of VR headgear makes busy VR gym lines move faster, but also prevents customers from feeling overwhelmed and disgusted by the potentially smelly and soggy mess that could have felt or smelled while in use.

The Future of VR Gyms

Sensics virtual reality gear would be perfect for VR gyms of the future like BlackBox VR, to help exercisers use technology to get a workout experience that is as engulfing as it is exciting. VR machines are a powerhouse for motivating beginning and experienced exercisers with a fun strength training and cardio outlet. Novice exercisers will be driven and focused instead of being intimidated or distracted by the time, while advanced users will enjoy the challenge of harder workouts and a break away from a typical gym.

Progress Yourself

Help yourself or your customers target and reach their fitness goals no matter their ability. The Sensics VR headset is inclusive of all sizes, shapes, and needs. Help you or your client realize their dream of climbing Mt. Everest in stages as endurance progresses. Offer a cycling class along the coast or mix things up by hyping up a seasonal zombie-themed workout. With a number of games, apps, and programs available you’re free to use the Sensics Public VR headset to meet your own workout goals or to help others accomplish theirs — it’s up to you.


The Sensics system is compatible with Lighthouse tracking system, Unity, Unreal, Steam VR and has “Nearly-universal game engine integration” according to the Sensics’ site.


  • 2880 x 1600 at 90 FPS costs $2,590
  • 2160 x 1200 at 90 FPS costs $2,160
  • Buy the Sensics VR Headset at the OSVR Store