Credit to: Bixelium Entertainment

If you’ve ever wanted to practice your boxing skills but needed to do it in time to some funky beats, then Shadowbox VR is the game you need to play.

Genres collide

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Shadowbox VR players like a combination of a boxing game and something like Beat Sabre. Your goal is to punch incoming objects to defend yourself, but you must do it in time with the music that’s playing.

There are several different stages planned for ShadowBox VR. One is of a traditional but elongated boxing ring, while others take you to space or a wasteland to practice your punches. The game will feature multiple modes, including “arcade” and “workout.” The latter will take 20 minutes to completed and features remixed songs, and it’s designed specifically to help you get in shape.

Provided that the campaign receives the minimum donation goal, Shadowbox VR will come to Steam VR. If it gets to a $2,000 stretch goal, it will also be released on Oculus platforms and PlayStation VR. Should it hit $3,500, there will also be a mod kit that lets players put their own songs in the game.

Developer Bixelium Entertainment plans to have Shadowbox VR available by August of this year. The studio admitted in its campaign posting that it could take longer because of the challenges in porting to other platforms, but it’s looking to stick to its scheduled launch date. If the Oculus and PlayStation VR stretch goal is reached, they will arrive around October, following by the mod support in December.

The largest donation tier for Shadowbox VR is the “Knock out!” tier. For $180, you’ll get two digital copies of the game, three wallpapers, access to a Discord channel, two golden gloves, custom boxing gloves, and a mention in the game’s credits. Only three of these will be made available.