If you own a 360 camera and want to shoot your own fitness videos, VeeR will help you film video, take still pictures, edit them, and then post them online for the world to see. Virtual and commercial gyms and trainers who own a VR or 360 cameras can gain attention to their workouts and expertise by making their own content using VeeR apps.

What is VeeR?

Samsung Gear using VeeR Credit to: VeeR

VeeR is an online and virtual global platform — let’s call it the YouTube of VR. It was created to give 360 and VR camera users a place to upload and promote their unique videos across multiple platforms. VR owners and anyone interested in viewing fitness, exercise, nutrition or other unique content will find a video or content creator profile on VeeR that inspires them to make a change.

The platform is compatible with PC and mobile phones as well as VR headsets. VeeR supports Android, iOS, Web VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Xiaomi VR, and are expected to have more compatibility with other headsets like the Vive Focus!

VeeR Apps


Credit to: VeeR

They have 3 apps total. The Veer VR Mobile app is made for Apple and Android operating systems to view and upload exercise VR and 360 fitness videos straight from your smartphone reaching viewers from over 150 countries.  No headset needed.

VR Headset

Credit to: VeeR

Watch community created aerobics, dance, Tabata, yoga, and weightlifting videos in VR to keep your workouts fresh. Use your Gear, Vive, or Daydream headsets with the VR Immersive app to view helpful fitness videos.


Credit to: VeeR

Personalize VR and 360 videos by using Apple and Android VeeR Editor apps to upload and edit using photo and video filters and stickers, adding upbeat music, and by organizing your shots to flow the way you want. View in portrait and turn your phone to enter into VR viewing mode for a quick look at your progress and then share it on VeeR and social media.

VeeR Compatible Cameras

Credit to: Lucidcam

Cameras that are compatible with VeeR are: Insta 360, Garmin, Mijia, Kodak Pixpro, LucidCam, Giroptic, MadV, Kanda, ALLie, YI, and Detu.

VeeR 360 and VR Fitness Videos

VR and fitness enthusiasts have already begun filming their own workouts. Film and then post your videos on social media to gain attention to your business or training program. If fitness is your passion, help others discover a new healthy activity that will get them moving instead of sitting by posting those 360 videos.


Credit to: Ray Roman via VeeR

Ray Roman shot this Tabata inspired workout by using a 360 camera and posted it on VeeR for thousands of viewers to see. He went through rounds of burpees, air squats, 95-pound deadlift and 25-pound dumbbell lunges. If those weights are too heavy you can modify the amount to fit your ability. During this intense 4 minute and 9 round long workout, he switched up the types of exercises to increase the challenge. This was shot in 4 perspectives, so the viewer will get more than 4 minutes of the workout.

Cardio/Strength Exercises

Credit to: Zen CaptureAll via VeeR

Trainers at Anytime Fitness gym hosted a cardio and floor workout in VR by using a 360 to capture the warm-up, medicine ball exercises, lunges, jack squats and other exercises. This was almost an 8-minute video that kept their clients moving the entire time. The trainer added upbeat electronic music to the video to boost the immersive quality of the video.

Strength Exercises

Credit to: Hip Shake Fitness via VeeR

Get a full body workout at the beach with Hip Shake Fitness and your instructor Charlene and her partner Ann. This trainer worked with dumbbells to do deep squats, arm exercises and the bicycle for 10 minutes. She does a great job of breaking down the movement for you and reinforces good form to prevent injuries. The location is a great addition and you’ll get a motivating strength workout.