Achievements used to be called “unlockables,” and they were mostly just fun tricks in the game that showed off mastery. The Xbox 360 popularized this concept with its achievement system, which granted players points they could use to show off their gamerscore. The idea being that mastery of a game meant scoring 100% in achievements and that you would need to buy and play many games to completion to keep up with friends.

This formula worked, and they are now a standard in most modern video games. VR titles tend to spend time in Early Access, but achievements are becoming popular measures of player engagement and physical challenge. If you really want to push your workout, some achievements are worth shooting for.

Here are some of Steam’s physically toughest achievements to get. We’ll talk about what makes them hard, tips on how to overcome them, and motivate you to walk this path. Physical fitness is a journey marked by our most important progressive milestones. Let’s set goals and work together!

Holopoint: Can’t Touch This

How to get it: Progress Ten Waves Taking No Health

We’ll begin with one of the easiest of the six we’re highlighting. The challenge here is overload. If you’re not quickly hitting targets and your dodges aren’t on point, you’ll take at least one hit, and it’s back to level one.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you know about the challenges we use to keep our love for Holopoint strong. We think it’s a great title with longevity for any VR gamer.

Credit to: Holopoint/Alzan Studios

If you’ve done those challenges, you’re well prepared for this achievement. You need to be quick on your feet, and you need strong situational awareness. You may need headphones for better spatial awareness, and you need to stay ready to squat and fire. Master that action and it’s only a matter of time before you solve this one.

Space Pirate Trainer: Super Mega Combo

How to Get it: Score a 12-combo multiplier

Not too hard at first glance, but th enemy variety and frequency of attack can throw off even the best players. Some enemies are just too fast to target easily without significant practice.

Practice is the key to this achievement and why it’s so physically demanding. At higher levels, Space Pirate Trainer is quite the aerobic workout. Lower levels are equally challenging until the player learns the ropes. To get this achievement, you’re going to need to clock some hours in the game learning attack patterns.

Conan O’Brien Plays “Space Pirate Trainer”

You have a shot once you’re past level 4 since the volume of enemies in a single wave increases significantly.

Fruit Ninja VR: Ultimate Ninja

How to Get it: Get a score of 200 or more in Zen Mode

The key to this achievement is the combo since zen mode has only 60 seconds on the clock. Fortunately, there are no bombs, but reaching that 200 score is still a rough climb without precision and timing. Each playthrough can be a slow grind for this reason, and your shoulders will be feeling an extended session while you’re trying to crack this one.

Fruit Ninja VR, Credit: Halfbrick Studios

The trick is to slice with precision and speed. You need to anticipate when the last fruit will launch, and you need to slash everything in a single combo. Do this as much as you can, beginning with the reliable 3-hit combos. Once you’re scoring in the 100+ zone, you’re well on your way to success. Learn to use both hands equally, and to glance left and right rapidly without losing focus on what’s in front of you.

Don’t worry; this is one of the most fun achievements for any age.

Creed: One Hand Behind Your Back

How to Get it: Win a Fight With One Hand Behind Your Back in Career Mode or Freeplay

The explanation is pretty simple, but winning the fight is a little bit more complicated. You can’t really move once you’ve got that hand behind your back. That means no step dodging. Everything has to be done in place. The fight will get up close and personal quickly, and you will need to put the hurt on without taking too much damage.

Credit to: Survios

The simplest way to get this achievement without cheating the system by lowering the difficulty is to focus on learning the early fights well. El Tigre, the game’s second opponent, is a good place to start. He’s tough but not impossible. He’s fast, though, so you need to end him quickly if you want to survive. Remember that you can block with one hand, so tighten up your profile and go in for the kill, kid!

Superhot VR: Faster

How to Get it: Complete Speedrun RealTime Challenge

Superhot’s Faster achievement wants you to play Sonic the Hedgehog. You’ll be making swift decisions to dispatch as many enemies as possible, without dying, to make the proper time. Some levels have very tight margins to meet, so players have quite the challenge ahead.

In SUPERHOT VR, time only moves when you move.

Like old arcade games, you benefit from a single fact: the game never changes. You can learn all 14 levels easily enough, but it takes time. As you’re running through the main game, you need to consider the best angles for an attack, which weapons offer the best value to your situation, and how to progress rapidly. There are some areas in Superhot where survival seems entirely unclear. You need to get over that fear and handle every scenario with the utmost efficiency.

QuiVR: Unyielding

How to Get it: Reach a 100-chain in combo kills

This wave-based shooter may just overcome players before they ever get the opportunity to reach the kinds of numbers they need to get this achievement. Experienced players regularly dispatch this number of enemies and more in a session, so combo kills can’t be that hard. Right?

Credit: Alvios

The trick to this achievement is patience. The game is randomly generated, to an extent, so not only must you be excellent you must have a bit of luck. The game needs to provide a steady enough stream of fodder to take down for this achievement to work.

Those trying to practice for this achievement will undoubtedly get it the longer they play, but the physical challenge of getting there will be the reward in and of itself.