President Ski and Snowboard Simulator Credit to: SkyTechSport

Have you ever wondered what kind of tech our top athletes have been training with? Or do you want a high tech solution to keep you conditioned in the offseason? SkyTechSport has ski and snowboard simulators that are used for athletic training, rehabilitation, and learning new skills.

Top Teams Use SkyTechSport

Top athletes that use SkyTechSport virtual simulators can be anywhere in the world and train with the same intensity as they would on snow without having to get into gear or step out into the elements. The U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding, and U.S. Freestyle athletes each use the ski and snowboarding simulators to train for future competitions.

U.S. Ski Team athlete and two-time Olympic Gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin has benefitted from getting indoor training from SkyTechSport ski simulator. Athletes like Toms Vasins, a member of Latvian snowboard national team use SkyTechSport snowboarding sim to improve their technique when the seasons dry up the snow. Even fitness centers like Sohail Abdali’s Anytime Fitness in Simi Valley, California are carrying the ski and snowboard sim to attract more active, athletic, or curious customers.

Watch the US Ski Team practice for the Winter Olympics here:

Indoor Training

Location scouting has gotten easier with the use of GPS and mapping to replicate full-scale mountain courses with turns and curves like the real thing. Athletes can be anywhere in the world where the motion platform is and still practice remote courses they’re viewing on a 4K screen and multiple projectors. Participants simply snap into their ski or snowboard bindings and boots, step onto the platform and onto the track, and get to practice as they balance, lean into sharp angles, accelerate, stay out of the cold and train without all the extra gear.

The sensations of changing speed, going downhill, racing around a bend or on a ramp are replicated with the motion platform and special software. The software is paired to motion sensors that are equipped to track any movement that’s done by you and translate it into real resistance against the snow and ground or simulate acceleration from 20 to 80 miles per hour! Athletes or fans of skiing or snowboarding who want to hit the powder in the offseason can train efficiently through repetition and can view their progress or necessary skill-building areas on a visual display.

The great thing about SkyTechSport’s Leader Pro, President, President Lux, and Olymp models are that each can be used by beginners and Olympic athletes alike. The movement platform not only helps skiers and snowboarders stay in shape in the offseason, it helps their brains maintain lightning fast reflexes and the balance needed to tackle those mountain courses at rapid speeds. Athletic teams like coaches, trainers, and physical therapists can collaborate and use the machinery to help injured athletes get back into shape and to help prevent further injury by overuse or to correct bad form.

Two-time Olympic medalist and U.S. Ski Team member, Andrew Weibrecht, shares his experience with SkyTechSports simulator, saying, “You’re not gonna hurt yourself, there’s no stress, and you still get the movements of skiing [and] feel how the forces are going to react on your body.” The winter sports training sim is great for beginners who need more training to become better or for people who haven’t experienced snowboarding or skiing but want to check them out before they commit to purchasing the gear and the lift ticket.  

VR Winter Sports

SkyTechSports simulators do not use traditional VR headsets to train their athletes, rather they use a panoramic screen and projectors to launch the 3D image of a snow-packed slope or run in front of you as you train on the tracked movement platform. The environment of snow on the mountainside, fog, or any other weather adds to the immersion but also increases the value of it as an offseason tool (Spring and summer are just around the corner!) to prepare you for the moment fresh snow arrives.

People that train with SkyTechSports can view and train at the exact slopes found at The World Cup, Beaver Creek, Sochi 2014, The Laubernhorn, The 2018 Winter Games and other original courses. The movement platform can simulate snow in various conditions that range from Olympic to small sized beginner slopes and super icy snowpack all the way to slushy. Athletes that use the virtual sim tech at beginning and professional levels will get helpful training no matter where they are in the world and in any season.

Watch Olympic athletes train for Sochi 2014 here:

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