If you’re ready to release pent up frustration, engage in some physical activity (exercise), and feel pleased with yourself for contributing to the elimination of walkers (dead people), then this week is a great time to start as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners provides you with ample opportunity to fight, sneak, and scavenge your way through the walker-infested ruins of New Orleans. You must be quick to react, however, or else suffer the consequences.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Winter Games competition kicked off today with a Gleam Contest where the prize is an Oculus Quest 2, an amazing little headset that’s revolutionizing VR gaming, fitness, and esports.

You can enter by following Virtual Athletics League and Skydance Interactive social media through the Gleam links or you can hop in game and earn ten points by sending in a video showing your best kill of a walker with an axe.

You can also watch BMS’s video for gameplay advice as well as challenges that might help you earn some extra points for your Gleam entries.

We reached out to BMF for some extra super secret hints on how to defeat the zombies or at least increase our chances in the Gleam competition, but the zombies had him surrounded and this article needed to hit the press (aka, someone wanted to push the “Publish” button) before midnight so you’ll have to tune in to his channel for any additional comments.

High Score Contest

For those who enjoy a bit more of a challenge in the immersive world, you can strive for a high score and see if you’re able to survive to wave 20. Only the brave – and skilled – will make it through all the terrifying waves you’ll experience in Memorial Lane, but everyone can submit high score videos for a chance to win cash prizes.

Skydance Interactive’s The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a single-player action adventure game that can be played standing or seated. As you roam the desolate city, you’ll encounter walkers trying to kill you, desperate factions that might want to harm you, and lone survivors who could help you if you’re brave enough to trust them. You make choices throughout the game about weapons and who to trust, but all choices have consequences. Potentially deadly consequences so make your choices wisely.

Join the Community

You’ll find an active community for the game on social media. Ask questions, read tips, and make friends who can help you survive. These are alliances you want to pursue.

You’ll find The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on all major platforms and everyone is invited to participate in this competition. This includes Steam, PSVR and Oculus users.

Participating in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners competition is just one example of the fun things you can do during the Winter Games for fun as well as potential prizes and glory!

The month-long Winter Games began on February 19 and run through March 20 with an assortment of events featuring an assortment of VR games and experiences. This event is organized by Virtual Athletics League in collaboration with numerous development studios, content creators, and promoters.

You can learn more about all events on the OneArena.gg Winter Games web page.