Today Giant Scam announces that Snapshot VR, the game inspired by physical-world paintball competitions, will join the VR Master League, a community-driven platform that supports the most competitive games in VR. The pre-season will begin the first week in November and last 8 weeks.

VR Fitness Insider wrote about the Snapshot VR Viveport Open that took place in August. This was the first community-organized tournament for the game. Seven teams with three players on each team took part in the double elimination bracket and ultimately Underage Ballers took the win.

While Eastbound & Down took second place in the Viveport Open, a team called Blaze came in third. I point this out because the teammates on Blaze were SL33PY, Nohm4n, and Silent Knight. They’re all veteran players in Downpour Interactive’s Onward and two are board members of the VR Master League. They’ve played enough competitive VR to recognize potential so it’s an exciting development to see Snapshot VR added to the community-driven platform.

“VRML is passionate about helping engaged game communities get set up for competitive play,” states Jesse Keogh, lead developer and co-founder of Giant Scam Industries, and they’re excited to see the 3v3 pre-season kickoff in November.

VR Master League

As with all games in the VR Master League, match organization is designed to make the entire system more convenient for players. Matches are generated on Monday and then teams are required to coordinate with each other to schedule the match time.

Teams are required to use Discord to schedule matches. There is also other important information shared via that social media platform so it’s important that all players have an account.

Between Two Bunkers

If you’d like a behind-the-scenes peak on how the Snapshot developers and VRML admins are working together to listen to the Snapshot VR community and the development of the pre-season ruleset, format, etc., check out this episode of Between Two Bunkers. It’s always incredibly fun and informative to see the industry experts sitting behind virtual sports desks discussing VR esports and when there’s a new game emerging in the field, it’s even better.


The Snapshot VR Discord community is still small with nearly 800 members compared to some of the larger VRML counterparts such as Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena with nearly 20,000 members or Vankrupt Games’ Pavlov with nearly 60,000 members, but these are just Discord numbers and they’ll rise. Echo Arena jumped from 5,000 members just since January, thanks to the game entering open beta on the Oculus Quest in May.

Snapshot VR released on Steam on September 1 and the game is still new to the VR esports scene. One of the main things to look for in a game that has potential is an engaged community and while it is currently small, they are friendly and engaged. The developers are also invested and willing to listen to community members. This makes a perfect match for a community-driven platform like VR Master League as visibility will help the population continue to grow.

Where to Download

While Snapshot VR can be played on all major HMDs, including the Oculus Rift headsets and Valve Index, the game is not available on the Oculus store. You can purchase on Steam and Viveport.