Inspired by physical-world paintball competitions, Giant Scam’s arena-style shooter Snapshot VR was built with competitive immersive environments in mind. This Saturday competitors will have an opportunity to put their skills to the test in The Snapshot VR Viveport Open.

With a launch on Steam scheduled for September 1, the game has already been released on Viveport Infinity and it has already amassed an active community of players excited to play a VR arena shooter. The paintball-like game offers solo team play, avatar customization with cosmetics, cross-platform profiles with tracked stats and leaderboard, game mode customization, physics-based projectiles, and more.

“Giant Scam is excited to sponsor our first community-organized tournament. It’s a great opportunity to give our new players a free and fun intro to competitive Snapshot and a chance to win some cool prizes as well,” states Jesse Keogh, lead developer and co-founder of Giant Scam Industries.

Teams of three will compete in the double elimination tournament on maps that have been posted in the Snapshot Discord. The competition will take place on Saturday, August 15 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm Central time.


  • Best 2 of 3 matches, each map on a different layout
  • Each match won by the first team to 5 points
  • Team that wins 2 matches will move on to next round
  • 25-minute game time limit (including a 1-minute break in-between matches)


  • First Place: Each member of the winning team will receive their choice of a Snapshot VR branded Savage Board or VR gun stock in the controller of their choice.
  • Second Place: Each member will receive choice of a Snapshot VR or Giant Scam t-shirt.
  • Third Place: Each member gets a variety pack of Snapshot VR and Giant Scam stickers.


While the game is playable on all major headsets, including the Valve Index, Vive and Vive Pro, Oculus Rift and Rift S, and Windows Mixed Reality, in order to participate in the tournament, players must have purchased a copy of Snapshot VR through Viveport or have access to the full game through Viveport Infinity. You must also join the Snapshot Discord server and submit your team of three player to Jesse by 5:00 pm Central time on Thursday, August 13. Remaining players who have opted into the tournament will be randomly assigned to a team.

Join the community Discord to register, read the rules, and find out more.

Where to Watch

Since VR esports are immersive, they’re a great way to participate in a multiplayer sporting event. For many people, this is particularly important considering the current environment of social distancing. While they’re fun to play, VR esports can also be enjoyable to watch and spectators have an opportunity to tune in as the competition unfolds.

“We want to show off how accessible Snapshot is as a spectator sport,” says Keogh. “Our mods will be hosting, stream, and announcing games on Twitch as they happen.”

There will be two channels covering different matches happening simultaneously during the Snapshot VR Viveport Open. You can check out the action on the official GiantScam Twitch channel or moderator ShivaSoldier’s Twitch channel.