How Soon Will Mobile VR Fitness Be Ready?

Mobile VR is on the verge of a mainstream tipping point. It won't be long until all you need is a smartphone and a VR headset to enjoy an immersive virtual gaming and exercise experiences.

mobile vr fitness

It seems like smartphones can do a little bit of everything these days. From providing weather updates to reserving a seat on a flight, smartphones are essential to a life of convenience and efficiency. Yet few would expect these little devices to provide captivating virtual experiences.The worlds of smartphones and virtual reality are beginning to merge. It won’t be long until everyday people use their phones to engage in virtual reality games, experiences and fitness routines.

A Virtual Workout With Your Smartphone?

The power players in the virtual reality space are making a push to bring immersive experiences directly to the tiny screens in our pockets. Can you imagine popping your smartphone into a headset and loading up a virtual reality exercise session? This hypothetical situation will be very real in the coming months and years. VR users will be able to partake in exercise sessions just about anywhere. All they’ll need is their phone, a VR headset and a few feet of open space. VR fitness software will seep into homes, gyms, recreational centers, physical therapy providers, schools and other realms, providing fitness-oriented individuals with a fun and easy way to melt away the fat.

Google and Finch are Leading the Charge to Smartphone VR

When one mentions “VR”, most people think of a clunky headset that likely feels a bit awkward and produces the types of graphics seen on video games from the Nintendo Gamecube era. Though VR imagery is not on par with that provided by the PlayStation 4, users are more interested in the immersive experience rather than the visual flair.  This is precisely why people will embrace VR delivered by way of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Google has the VR industry abuzz with its latest VR platform dubbed DayDream. DayDream makes use of a DayDream-ready smartphone, a VR headset and a motion controller. Pop your smartphone right on in, pick up the controller and you will have access to all sorts of fun games and virtual experiences.

Another key player in the VR mobile space is the startup known as Finch. Head on out to Sin City for CES 2017 and you will catch a glimpse of Finch’s mobile VR technology referred to as the Finch Shift VR Kit.  Finch’s mobile VR makes use of the first-ever camera-less motion controller. The company has focused its efforts on enhancing functionality and content quality for a truly engaging mobile VR experience.

All one needs to enjoy the Finch Shift is a compatible smartphone, the Finch VR headset and the motion controller. Thankfully, the motion controller is fairly diminutive so it can be held with ease for extended periods of time. Place your smartphone in the Finch Shift VR headset, strap it on your head and you will have access to an array of exciting virtual reality games and apps from mobile VR app stores as well as SteamVR. The beauty of this technology is that it is not anchored to the living room like traditional video game consoles. You can enjoy mobile VR just about anywhere. Add in the fact that Finch Shift VR games can be played with friends through built-in multiplayer modes and it is easy to understand why industry experts anticipate that this technology will make a huge splash at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas.


The Possibilities for Mobile VR are Endless

It appears as though the VR industry is developing similar to the video game console industry in that third party companies are creating games specifically for VR makers’ hardware.  Game designers are adapting VR games and apps specifically for Finch Shift, Google DayDream and specific smartphones.  It won’t be long until these game makers delve into the realm of VR fitness and create exercise-oriented games that can be accessed in any type of environment.

In a few years you might pack your VR headset and controller with your work-related items so you can squeeze in a quick VR workout during your lunch break. Or, maybe you’ll pop your smartphone into your VR headset while stuck indoors in the midst of a snowstorm so you can stay active in lieu of hitting the gym.  It is clear that mobile VR is poised to change the way we live, play and exercise.