Credit to: I-Illusions

There are several VR games available that require you to move your legs in some fashion, but how many actually make you run? In Space Pirate Arena for Oculus Quest, you’ll need to physically move around a huge play space in order to defeat your opponent.

The entire world is your playground

Developed by I-Illusions of Space Pirate Trainer fame, Space Pirate Arena makes any large area the site for a virtual duel. The studio recommends something as large as a tennis or basketball court. The teaser video uses a large two-door garage. Inside the game, it’s filled with walls and obstacles blocking you from reaching your opponent. This allows you to essentially play laser tag with just two Oculus Quest headsets.

“Highly entertaining, fully immersive and a whole lot of calories burnt after one game …  that’s Space Pirate Arena,” the studio said on its official website.

The game is set in the same universe as Space Pirate Trainer, which was built from the ground up for room-scale VR. As you can imagine, the Oculus Quest’s portability meant that I-Illusions was no longer limited  to just room-scale experiences. Now, players can run around as they battle, provided that they have cleared  out any dangerous obstacles already.

Action also remains frenetic, with you only taking a couple of hits before being eliminated. Running and firing at the same time is an acquired skill. Of course, this is like in standard laser tag, airsoft, or paintball.

Space Pirate Arena doesn’t yet have a release date. We suggest using some of the time spent waiting to scout out a potential play area. In addition to the fun of playing the game, you can enjoy confusing passersby who see people wearing headsets at a tennis court. Just pack an extra Quest in case they want to join in on the fun.