Credit to: CCP Games

VR arcade now have a great full-body fitness option that will get guests moving and competing. VR sports game Sparc is now available on the Springboard VR platform, and it will have you and your friends fighting for bragging rights.

Face off with an audience watching

Sparc is a one-on-one VR sport that has both players launching projectiles at the other and attempting to deflect them back. The precision required means it is only possible in VR. Those waiting to jump into a match can use a Courtside mode to spectate, ensuring they’re always engaged, even when not playing.

Because of these features, Springboard VR thinks the game can be a great option for VR arcade tournaments and leagues. Its combination of skill and fitness potential means its competitive ceiling is high. It’s also flashy and gorgeous, which should attract unfamiliar customers when they see it in an arcade. That is, of course, if the smell of sweat from active players isn’t a deterrent.

Alongside throwing and blocking, you’ll also need to dodge in order to be affective in Sparc VR. Multiple game modes are included, and there are also single-player and training options. Prior to launching on Springboard VR, the game was available on PlayStation VR, Steam, and the Oculus Store. On these platforms, you can play online multiplayer, as well. Depending on your fitness level and practice, you might be able to show off and game some notoriety.

It has yet to come to Oculus Quest, where the wireless headset would likely make the game even better. Whether or not such a port is technically feasible remains to be seen.

Those looking to add Sparc to their Springboard VR library can do so using the official website. The website also features a free trial, as well as an option for developers who want to join the platform.