Gooboberti's Pharaoh's Scrapyard short cut run! Who knew you could fly this high? Credit to: Gooboberti via YouTube

Gooboberti is a VR caster who shared his Sprint Vector shortcut videos on Reddit for the rest of us sweaty Vectorheads to improve our game and level up the competition! He makes racing, flying, and climbing in multiplayer look so effortless that it gives us hope and determination that the rest of us can do it too! Get your sweatband and headset on, players! There are new ways to Sprint Vector!

Toxic Barrage

Keep to the left as soon as the race starts and watch out for fans and toxic sludge barrels, those will hurt you. Take pipes and platforms (they’re not just for looks) and use your double jump to bounce to different level platforms. Gaining speed first and then falling and jumping will make jumps more effective. 

Ra’s Revenge

Take the first ramp right out of the starting line and use your double jump to get there at high speed. Jump across spaced out platforms to get to the tops of the death cubes or use your aerial glide. Staying up high will keep you from having to climb up walls or having to shoot away or dodge vases and boxes at the floor level.

Sludge Blitz

Go max speed towards the right ramp immediately after the countdown. Gaining speed, mastering the jump buttons, and gliding are going to help with leaping onto horizontal pipes. Watch out for toxic barrels and fans.

Winter Rush

Race to the left side right after the race begins towards the ramp. Grab the powerups and shoot at anyone ahead or behind you to buy yourself some time. Using top speeds will give you enough momentum to be able to bound up on top of platforms, ramps, and rooftops.

Extra Tip: If you double jump and then make contact with a platform the double jump gets reset.

Castle Valhalla

Pump your arms and accelerate towards the right side of the castle opening and drawbridge. Watch out for boulders, pointy rocks down below, and ice. Grab onto grip streams and utilize the double jumps when free falling, flying and making it to a platform.

Extra Tip: If you’re on platforms above other players use your power-ups by aiming and launching them ahead of players so they’ll run into them.

Pharaoh’s Scrapyard

Sprint and bounce off edges and platforms, which there’s a lot of on this map. Be careful with sand pits, they will slow you down. There are also death cubes you can land on top of if you make it to upper platforms first.

Extra Tip: If you’re gliding through the air, use your outstretched arms to guide you and play with the double jump to see where you can get to.

Aesir Village

Use the roofs and even rocks to get ahead of other competitors. Seek out stone passageways, bridges, and grip streams. Duck to avoid getting your head chopped off and having to start again at the last checkpoint.

Machine Death

Pump your arms at max pace and head towards the right side and ramp immediately. Pick up a Nitro boost to make it across wide and spaced out platforms. Hop and run along pipes and don’t mistake deathly barrels for boost orbs.

Extra Tip: Use the blue speed boosts you can fly through, these will accelerate you forward so you can make it up to higher levels or far-reaching areas.

Burning Necropolis

Run and double jump to look ahead and aim for hidden shadowy passageways. Use the blue speed boost circles and wide sweeping grabs at the grip streams to propel forward faster and to gain a lead. Be careful with rolling boulders, lava, and other fiery obstacles.

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