We are always on the lookout for great new virtual reality games that deliver compelling fitness results. It’s not often that we get an early glimpse of one and can eagerly await its release. Sprint Vector, from AAA game studio Survios, is one of those games. We’ve seen people demoing the game on our trips to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. We reached out to Survios, also the developer of hit game Raw Data, and are happy to report that we’ll be able to do a VRFI Sprint vector game review soon!


Sprint Vector is currently available to be played at select VR arcades. The game features a futuristic world where you are a contestant on the galaxy’s most popular game show. You’ve been selected by “Mr. Entertainment” to compete in an ever-evolving arena-based competition. While competing, your awesomely styled playable character will be equipped with Vector Blades, special footwear that accelerate you confidently forward as you jump, fly and climb your way to victory. You’ll be using your Vive or Touch controllers to frantically propel yourself through the game level.

Sprint vector review - VR Fitness Insider

Fast-paced and with a vibrant visual style, Sprint Vector has a ton of fun personality. We are looking forward to the multiplayer features and challenging the members of the VRFI team to see who is the best at this exciting game. Sprint Vector has all the appearances of a high-intensity VR cardio fitness experience and we are excited to get our virtual hands on it. Stay tuned!