Sprint Vector’s Big Bang Update Is Now Live, Just In Time For VR League


The entire Survios team has been hard at work and consistently putting out new maps, challenges, happy hour matches, and other tweaks to the game since its launch back in February. Survios announced yesterday, May 30th, that they just dropped Sprint Vector’s newest update called Big Bang, 2 new characters, and other surprise feature changes. With VR League on the horizon, this is a perfectly timed game shakeup we didn’t know we needed! 

Cosmic Updates

Since Sprint Vector’s Outer Vegas and Space Race Update in March, players were free to run around a map course that sat between two black holes and had gravity traps. Yesterday, players who already own the game got the Big Bang update for free, along with a new course map called Cosmic Odyssey, a map full of spike bombs, platforms to drift on, and sky platforms to bounce through the map with.

The new Cosmic Odyssey map not only means new shortcuts to scout out, there are also two new racers entering Mr. Entertainment’s competitive lineup — Rockslide and Necho. Both characters are true to Sprint Vector style — futuristic details with characters that echo back to some of the game’s maps. Rockslide is a comet that’s trying out his new bipedal body on the course and is styled to match the otherworldly details of this game, while Necho is a robocat-human blend that’s reminiscent of the Egyptian god/royalty themed maps of Pharaoh’s Scrapyard and Ra’s Revenge.

Credit to: Survios

If you’ve been racing around Mr. E’s neighborhood since the beta, full release, and the recent updates, chances are your leaderboard times have been improving and you’ve been likely shaving time off by learning all the map shortcuts. There’s always been a leaderboard for single and multiplayer matches, but now Sprint Vector is getting a whole separate Pure Leaderboard for players that do solo or multiplayer runs without Power-Up items and AI challengers.

This leads us to the little black rain cloud portion, which is that all leaderboards will be a wiped clean, as in everyone’s times, even top racers will start off at zero — just in time for VR League’s kickoff! So, hopefully, you read my How to Train for Sprint Vector Before The VR League Competition article and wrote down the best times to beat! If not, jump in and race this week before VR League’s Sprint Vector competition begins next week!

Watch the Big Bang Update trailer below to see the new map and characters in action!

Prepping For VR League

Sprint Vector has been getting lots of attention from its community of racers and is now being taken seriously as a VR eSport by the newly renamed VR League (formerly VR Challenger League). This arm-pumping, wall-scaling, speed and gravity-defying race to the finish line is going to be a part of Season 2 of VR League competition starting on June 4th with players sharing a pool of $22,000.

Players who have earned stars and cups and top times in Sprint Vector races can improve their gameplay by learning how to dial in their arm mechanics so they can move faster and more efficiently. If you’re interested in making a name for yourself in esports, you’ll want to revisit the shortcuts I linked to above and practice all the newest maps and hunt for the shortcuts there. Shortcuts will only save you time if you can master your jump button and motions, if you can drift effectively, and can grab power-ups faster than other racers.

Since it’s too late to do more cardio or add a weighted vest or resistance band training to the mix, you’ll want to take note of doing extra body conditioning outside and inside of VR to improve your overall gameplay for next season. This is the 2nd Season of VR League, so competition is going to get tougher as players improve their strategy, reflexes, controller command, and physical fitness while playing Sprint Vector. So, you’ve still got time for next season. Good luck and have fun competing in Season 2!