Stay Cool and See What’s Trending This Summer for VR Fitness


The temperature’s climbing and peeling yourself off the couch or away from the air conditioning at work is a struggle that we can relate to. Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you have to skip getting your summer VR fitness on. We have the hottest trends in activewear and products that will keep you cooled off and hydrated when you’re getting your sweat on with VR.

Look and Feel Fresh

Workout Clothes for Women

Look amazing, stay cool, feel empowered.

Sweaty Betty

Ladies, Sweaty Betty is having their End of Season Sale right now and you should swoop in and stock up on their bum-sculpting leggings. Playing VR games like Hot Squat will tone and shape your thighs and bum but there are days where we could all use a little extra derriere love. We suggest their Zero Gravity ⅞ Run Leggings ($93 to $135) and their Power Leggings ($55 to $110). Get empowered and check out their Flow Cropped Rib Trim Tank ($25 to $50) with Superhero written across the chest!


Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so do Fabletics workout clothes. Their sizes range from XXS to 3X and are super cute, trendy, and won’t break the bank. We love their High-Waisted Mesh PowerHold Capri ($22.47 VIP to $64.95) which comes with the peekaboo mesh pocket on the thigh to hold your cell phone and a high waist that won’t fight against your curves when playing rhythm games like Beat Saber. We also recommend all of their shorts but especially their Olesia Short ($19.97 VIP to $49.95) which also comes with a secret pocket!

Workout Clothes for Men

Look fly, stay cool, get your beast mode on.


Guys, rocking the Rhone above the knee look is on trend and justly so — it’s hotter than heck out there! When you’re getting your grind on in VR during the summer there’s nothing worse than overheating in jogging pants or those rip aways from the 90s (we remember). We think you’d look and keep cool in their Maneuver Short ($68) and their Swift Short ($88) that draws away sweat from the body and their Glacier Delta Tank ($54) with Polartec fabric that uses your own sweat to cool you down.


Not into the short shorts trend? That’s alright, Gymshark has workout shorts that will keep you cooled off in a heatwave as you train and push your body to its limits in BOX VR. We recommend buying their Perforated Two In One Shorts ($42) for a dual layer of support and comfort. We also think you’d look like a champ wearing their Ozone Shorts ($40) and getting your sweat on with sizes that range from S to XXL so men won’t have to go scathing the internet to find their size.


Get Your Sweat On

Working out in virtual reality will light up your metabolism and fat burning power when you strive for fitness daily. When the healthy life is for you but sweat in your face and VR headset are not it’s time for a headband or sweatband!

Headbands for Women

Keep the hair and sweat out of your face, or better yet, protect your strands and headset from getting damaged during a VR workout. VR fitness ladies that love funky prints will love Buff’s vibrant UV Multifunctional Headbands ($15), which come with UV ray protection and COOLMAX PRO material to keep things cool inside and outdoors.

Sweatbands for Men

Whether you’ve got a crew cut, long locks, a man bun, or no hair at all, VR fitness dudes will want to check out Buff’s headbands ($15 to $21) for a variety of eccentric patterns. Hair or no hair — no problem! Kick sweat’s butt before it wrecks your headset!

Stay Cool and Dry

Heat + VR = Sweat.

Hygiene Covers

Save yourself the pain in the butt of playing VR with the flimsy padding that comes standard with all headsets. Do yourself and others a favor and get a VR Cover ($19 to $29). Wearing a VR headset can get hot, sweaty, and stuffy, and makes sharing it a drag. Hot sweat on a headset is gross and can hold icky bacteria with even a single use. Do it!

VR Fan

There’s no air-conditioned VR headset yet, but the VIVE N CHILL ($31.99) is as close to it as we can get. The VR dual fan sits on top of the Vive headset (sorry Oculus and WMR fans) and blows air into the headset to keep active VR gamers from overheating. It doesn’t add much weight (40 grams) to the headset, which is a bonus!

Stay Hydrated

USGS reports that bodies are made up of more water than we think. They say that women are made up of 55% water and men are around 60%. With that in mind and sweltering heat making things icky, it’s vital to remain hydrated, especially when you play VR to stay in shape.

Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen has stainless steel insulated bottles that carry 12 to 64 ounces of water. The smallest bottle can keep drinks hot for 8 hours and cold for 24 hours. The largest heavy duty water bottle can keep drinks hot for 30 hours and cold for 100 hours!