Credit to: Black Box VR

Black Box VR’s team of fitness experts have announced that they will be demoing their innovative resistance-based experience at IHRSA 2018 in sunny San Diego, California on March 22nd to the 23rd. If you want to see what the next generation of fitness equipment looks like, check out Engadget’s BEST STARTUP of CES 2018 and 2018 CES Innovation Award Honoree for yourself and step inside the Black Box.

Credit to: Black Box VR

This is Black Box VR’s first time showcasing at IHRSA, the premier trade show for the health and fitness industry, but it’s not their first rodeo. The VR resistance machine is designed by fitness fanatics and industry veterans Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis.

In a statement, Ryan De Luca, CEO and Co-Founder of Black Box VR shared, “We couldn’t be more excited to participate at such a prestigious and important conference. IHRSA has led the way for new technologies and customer-focused concepts in the fitness industry for decades. Bringing together the top trainers, gym owners, and fitness equipment manufacturers allows these revolutionary products to get to consumers more quickly.”

Black Box VR are leaders in the fitness and tech industry with their first ever VR resistance machine. It’s a truly unique and effective workout that’s challenging enough for bodybuilders while being gamified and competitive for people who desire more stimulus and variety to stay motivated.

Preston Lewis, Black Box VR Co-Founder, touched on the company’s core fitness and gaming ideology, saying, “We believe combining addictive gaming principles with immersive technologies and science-backed fitness experiences are going to drive the future of the health and fitness industry. Our demo will paint a picture of this future and, with thousands of fitness enthusiasts, IHRSA is the perfect place to show off the experience.”

Once you strap in, put the headset on and begin the workout, you’ll feel your arms, shoulders, chest, and back begin to work as the AI intelligently guides you to perfect form. Pulling, holding and punching at incoming attacks while in a combat arena and giving it your all with resistance based movement is going to earn you XP and leaderboard notoriety with consistent training, but most importantly long lasting health benefits and a leveled up body.

Visiting IHRSA 2018? Demo Black Box VR!

If you’re on the trade room floor at IHRSA stop by Black Box VR Booth #4219 on March 22nd to 23rd and step into the award-winning Black Box VR fitness experience for a demo. Feel free to ask them any tech or fitness questions you might have. We’ll see you at IHRSA 2018!

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