Every once in a while, along comes something that pushes the boundaries of what’s already been done. Oculus has just announced the new VR fitness title Supernatural is coming out on the Oculus Quest, April 23rd.

Supernatural is an immersive, subscription-based, virtual reality fitness experience that combines the best beats, fitness coaches, landscapes, and movements into a home workout that’s available to you on-demand every day. There is a mobile companion app, leaderboards, and Bluetooth heart rate integration for popular fitness trackers. 

The whole experience is something new and fresh. All I can say is that Supernatural looks like a fantastic way to get your cardio in. It has beautiful scenery, challenging workouts, and fitness trainer feedback throughout the VR workouts to keep you motivated. The workouts are calibrated to your range of motion and are dynamic to your personal fitness level. As you improve, the workouts get harder. 

One thing to point out, Supernatural is a subscription-based VR fitness experience. This is different from the VR fitness games out now. Within Founder & CEO Chris Milk explained in the Oculus blog post, “we had the choice of doing a discrete one-time fixed price download with a locked amount of workouts, that would allow you to add more workouts and songs through DLC packs. That works well for games but didn’t feel like the best approach for a fitness system, particularly given one of the big things we are solving for is helping people find, stick with, and ultimately love their exercise program.”

With a subscription price of $20 a month, you get fresh daily workout content, an expansive music library from the world’s top artists, a personal trainer to keep you motivated, and high-quality sceneries that transport you to different parts of the world. From what I’ve seen so far, the subscription is worth every penny. 

Supernatural launches April 23rd of 2020 and is currently in early access. Users can join the waitlist HERE. There is a free trial period, so make sure you sign up and give this VR fitness experience a go.