Fitness enthusiasts will be glad to know that Supernatural is getting several new features that will help take its daily workouts and fitness tracking to the next level. An update in August will see Within’s subscription-based workout title gain four-member profiles per membership, which will allow users at home to share the service with their family and retain individual workout histories. Other additional features coming to the Oculus Quest exclusive title include meditation workouts, haptic feedback that is synced to music, and a reworked target travel system.

The biggest draw to the new additions coming in August is the ability to have four member profiles on your Oculus Quest headset. Up to three additional profiles will support personal workout history, individual calibration, and get their own personalized experience. However, it should be noted that it must be on the same headset as access on multiple Quests is not supported.

If four members in your household are taking advantage of Supernatural then it means the subscription price per user drops significantly. While the monthly subscription still costs $19 each month, it would cost each individual member less than $5 if split between them. If those four are using the $179 annual subscription (which has gone down $20 since launch) then that works out to costing each individual user just $44.75 per year. It’s a great alternative to using a gym during these uncertain times.

Those looking to enjoy the benefits of meditation will be glad to know that it now features standalone meditations. Supernatural previously had short meditations at the end of slow-burn workouts by Coach Antonio Harrison. These dedicated meditations will be guided and allow players to absorb themselves into several locales such as Vestrahorn in Iceland.

There have also been some changes to the overall workout experience as the target travel system has been refined and there’s now haptic tails. The way in which targets travel towards players has been changed to offer up “a cleaner perspective of the movement patterns” and to ensure that workouts feature more realistic physics. Meanwhile, haptic vibrations will now occur at the end of certain movements. This is so players will feel more connected to the music, such as when sustained notes hit and the haptics will mimic them fading out. All of these changes are to deepen immersion as well.

Supernatural is available now for download from the Oculus Store and offers a 30-day free trial.