Synth Riders Receives New Cyberpunk Essentials DLC Song Pack


It has been a busy summer for Synth Riders. After crossing over with OhShape in a new timed event back in June, today, the game has received a sizable new slate of add-on content.

In what developer Kluge Interactive is calling the Cyberpunk Essentials music pack, Synth Riders has today received a slate of new songs for the game. In total, ten new tracks are included in this Cyberpunk Essentials slate with some of the contributing artists including F.O.O.L, Au5, RIOT, and Nitro Fun. A new stage has also been that makes for “complete cyberpunk immersion” has also been included in this pack.

While the add-on does cost money in some regards, that doesn’t hold true for all ten new tracks. Of the ten new songs that have been included, five of them will be made completely free to all owners of Synth Riders via a new update. The other five songs will then retail for $1.99 individually or $8.99 for all of them in one bundle. In total, this brings Synth Riders’ larger music catalog to 55 tracks in total, with 45 of them being free for all players.

“We are excited to release our second music pack, once again offering our players a combination of free songs and songs available for purchase,” said Kluge Interactive creative director Abraham Aguero Benzecri of the new DLC for Synth Riders. 

You can check out the launch trailer for Cyberpunk Essentials right here if you’d like to get a better idea of what it will bring:


In addition to bringing in these new tracks today, Kluge Interactive has made the Cyberpunk Essentials pack compatible with some more recent updates for Synth Riders. The game’s new spin mode, which just launched last month, also is compatible with all of the latest songs that have now come to the game. The multiplayer mode, which also was released at the start of this year, works with this new pack as well.

The updates to Synth Riders aren’t ending here, either. While Kluge hasn’t specifically outlined what is next for the game, it has teased that more content is still absolutely coming in the near future. In all likelihood, we should see some more updates making their way to the rhythm title before the end of 2020.

All in all, if Synth Riders was already one of your go-to games when it comes to VR fitness, then this Cyberpunk Essentials pack just makes the experience that much more replayable. Songs are far and away one of the most important aspects of rhythm games of this type and a new injection of heart-pounding tracks always makes me more than inclined to return to some games I haven’t visited in some time for my own frequent workouts.

Conversely, if you haven’t picked up Synth Riders just yet, it’s available on Steam, Oculus Store, and Viveport and is compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. From now through August 20, Steam specifically has the game marked down at 33% off of its normal price and is sitting at a retail value of $16.74. Some of the additional song packs are discounted on this platform over the same period of time, too.