Shoot Stuff (and Burn Some Calories) in The Art of Fight

This game will have you blowing things up, shooting enemies and burning some calories all at the same time!

Who loves Call Of Duty? Clearly, a lot of people do! One of the greatest lacking elements in VR today is that the games we’ve come to love aren’t as present as we’d like them to be. While The Art of Fight isn’t  COD, it is a great game and you may just get a solid workout when you do it, too!

What is The Art of Fight?

The Art of Fight is a first person shooter game, much like you would have with COD or CSGO. The only differences being that you are in the VR environment, you have to move your arms in order to move in the game, and you need to deal with alright graphics. It’s a great game to play if you want to fit a little bit of exercise into a first person shooter match, but it doesn’t have much else to offer beyond that.

Graphics and Visuals 3/5

It’s not really impressive but it has an art style that is similar to SUPERHOT, which was a gaming that was a smashing hit when it first came out because of its unique art style and special game mechanics. The bullets do not slow down in this, so it does lose out on that. The maps are rather bland in terms of detail and the game mostly focuses on the action rather than the detail, so it doesn’t do well in this category.

Hardware Requirements 3/5

I guess no one ever told them that System Requirements is an important thing to know when playing a game because all you see on the Steam page is that you need an i5 processor and a GTX 970 graphics card. I did a little digging to see what you really need and it looks like you need about 8GB RAM and an i5-4590 for it to run smoothly. The reason for the more RAM is that there’s a lot to access when actually playing a 4v4 map. This is a little be excessive for a standard VR game, but this is how first person shooters usually are and this game certainly not likely to be optimized yet.

Fitness 3/5

In order to move forward in the game, you need to swing your arms back and forth. Needless to say, this creates a distinct abrupt moment when you are no longer walking and raising your arms to shoot. Since the moment is so ubrupt, it can throw many controller users off balance and creates some hilarious and frustrating moments of in-game death. Since you have to move your arms around for the entire of the match in order to go anywhere, it does force you to work your upper body muscles. However, since there’s really no need to move your legs it kind of loses out on fitness.

Gameplay 3/5

The overall gameplay is fun if you don’t mind having to deal with the occasional bug in the game. It can get very intense and it does make you move constantly, which is always a big bonus here. However, the moving mechanic in the game can be quite frustrating to get used to because you have to stop moving every time you want to shoot. This is something that Resident Evil fans may be used to but it’s aggravating for individuals who know it’s harder to shoot a moving target.

Overall Rating: 3/5

While it may not be impressive overall, it is still very much in Early Access. This means that the developers still plan to do a lot with this game going forward so we may see some definite changes, which would result in a new review. Until then, here’s to hoping.