These are the best games for the rift that will get you into shape real quick, or you might just die in the video game that you’re playing. These games are mostly built to push you to the extreme while some members of the community have also decided that those limits just aren’t enough. Since there are very few games that are Oculus only nowadays, some of these games will be compatible with the HTC Vive.

Eleven Table Tennis VR

Even though we haven’t reviewed this game just yet on the website, it is a very good game to play if you are trying to get into shape. Not only that, but it also allows others to play with you via online multiplayer. I used to play Table Tennis in High School and I can tell you that if you find the right partner that can’t be defeated with cheap curves then you are going to get one heck of an exercise from the game. I was young, already fit, and playing sports when I started playing table tennis with my Spanish teacher and I quickly found myself working much harder to win than nearly any other sport that I’ve played. So don’t look at this game like it’s too simple to give you a workout because you might just find that it’s the only workout you’ll ever need with the Oculus or the HTC Vive.

The Brookhaven Experiment

If you’re looking for a game that will not only get your heart pumping but also jumping then The Brookhaven Experiment would be the perfect game. Not only are you defending from four different sides, but you are also defending from the sky as mutant zombies crawl from every which way to eat you. Often, first person shooters are ignored when it comes to exercise because sports is the goto item for exercise in the real world but there’s a reason why the Marines are a fit crew. They have to react fast and endure for long periods of time in unknown territory, which is what The Brookhaven Experiment takes a percentage from. This game will make you sweat, especially if you’re looking for games to get your body in shape whether it’s on the HTC Vive or The Oculus.

Fruit Ninja VR or ZenBlade

We all remember how addictive Fruit Ninja was when it first came out and Ninja Trainer: ZenBlade is almost as addictive. Too bad the game has been taken off the Steam Marketplace due to some legal issues you can find here. Even though it was taken off the marketplace, it’s still available via some forums until the game is put back on Steam. It deserves its place here while it still exists in the world.

However, we do have access to Fruit Ninja, but since the two games are so similar I figured we’d just put them in the same section. The entire objective of the game is to chop up objects and in Fruit Ninja we’re chopping up fruit. The swinging action of this game and the intensity of it is where you will get the most exercise from, but it’s addictive so many of us might find ourselves losing hours to the game.

The Art of Fight

If you find yourself as one of those individuals who likes to play COD multiplayer or CSGO to unwind and relax, then The Art of Fight is the VR version for you. The game is four versus  four and the moving mechanics is where the added exercise comes in. In order to move in this game, you have to swing your arms back and forth. The game has different modes, but it’s essentially the same as COD or CSGO in this games. You may not get as much exercise as the other three games listed here, but the moving mechanics in a rushed game will certain fuel some needed exercise.

While not all of them may be the best fitness game you can imagine, these games are the best that the Oculus has to offer in terms of exercise in my opinion. If you disagree, please leave a comment down below with the game you think should be on this list.


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