If you’re looking for a dungeon crawler with physics-based combat to hold you over while Blade & Sorcery gets into gear with more stuff to do and see, you might wanna pop over and check out a new early access title called The Morrigan. We reviewed the game right here, so hit our review if you want a professional opinion on whether it’s your kind of adventure before jumping in.

Otherwise, here are some tips that should help you get the most out of your time spent delving through mazes in hunt of the titular Morrigan.

The Morrigan Gameplay Tips

Use Your Inventory

Early in the game, it can be easy to ignore the inventory menu that lets you drag and drop different keys and pieces of equipment you find throughout the game’s world. Instead of just using your holsters to hold items, you should store whatever useful loot you find inside of your inventory menu. Note that when you put a lit torch away in your inventory, the fire will go out and you will need to find another source.

Take Broad Swings

The Morrigan is an active title in that you need to put oomph into your weapon swings or risk dealing no damage at all. Don’t tickle your opponents here like you would in many other games. Instead, put intention into each of your swings and make them count. The broader you swing, the harder you’ll hit, meaning more damage done per swing. I’m not entirely sure what the swing velocity peak is, but one or two of my hardest swings usually results in a quick dismantling of the foe I’m working on.

Explore the Town

You can actually exit the guild hall between levels and visit other locations in town. The town area is not super fleshed out right now, but there are shops where you can buy various food and equipment items with the coins and gems you’ve been collecting in the dungeons. Once you unlock a piece of equipment, you can equip it to your inventory at any time inside of the guild hall.

Keep a Lit Torch Nearby

Because torches will go out while sitting unused in your inventory, you should make sure to keep track of where lit torches are hanging out in the environment nearby. Make mental markers of the locations of torch sconces as well as the local bonfires from which you first load into each level. When standing next to a source of fire, you can simply hover the wrapped end of your held torch to the flame and the torch will ignite automatically.

The Morrigan Fitness Tips

Wear a Weighted Vest

To maximize cardio stimulation and resistance in your legs, shoulders, and back, it’s important to wear a weighted vest for a game like The Morrigan. This is because, when you do, you can passively burn calories as you perform regular actions in the game. Generally, you’ll want to stick to about 10-20% of your total body weight when choosing a weighted vest, and avoid spending more than a total of an hour inside of the thing when you do use it. Take it off immediately if you begin feeling pain, as you do not want to incur an injury while playing in VR.

Use Wrist Weights

Since many of the interactions in The Morrigan are easily telegraphed, you can use wrist weights without risking injury as long as you’re careful. Just make sure that you keep your swings broad (no frequent/rapid wrist motions here!) and keep the weight of the wrist weights between 0.5 to 2 lbs.

Walk in Place

Unfortunately, there’s no sprinting function in The Morrigan right now. Your character doesn’t always move around as fast as you want them to. To make the game feel more natural and to also get some added activity into your play routine, you should walk in place. If you have a KAT Loco, you can walk in place to move yourself around in the game as well.

Update 8/3: The developer has reached out to us to inform that they have introduced a sprint mechanic since we first got our hands on the game. As such, you can either walk or run in place to satisfy your desired calorie burn.

The Morrigan is still under development, but is a pretty great little gem of a dungeon crawling experience in VR right now. Getting to play and burn calories at the same time is a pretty rewarding experience, especially if you find these fitness-boosting methods to consequently increase your immersion.

Did we miss anything? Which tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.