Can you imagine popping on a VR headset and receiving detailed instructions from a seemingly real physical fitness guru?  Imagine such a virtual instructor guiding you through individualized workouts. Perhaps you would like to take a virtual bike ride through your selected setting or do some calisthenics on the beach. This is all possible thanks to virtual reality companies like Runtastic.

Runtastic is Poised to Change the VR Game

Based in Austria, Runtastic is a startup that is positioned to become an industry trailblazer. Runtastic is one of the first virtual reality companies to showcase the incredible power of virtual reality outside of the entertainment and gaming arenas. Runtastic’s VR workout technology makes use of the Oculus Rift to generate lifelike virtual environments in which virtual trainers direct participants through all sorts of workouts. This technology first debuted at last year’s CES and made quite the impression. The beauty of Runtastic’s VR workouts is that the participant can observe a virtual trainer perform each exercise with the perfect technique. He then replicates these exercises, following the trainer through the workout.

Those who make use of Runtastic’s VR workouts in the coming years will find that they can fit in a fun and quick workout from just about anywhere. There is no need to pack a gym bag, fill up the water bottle and drive on out to the local fitness center. Rather, all one has to do is don his VR headset and get right into his own nuanced workout. This can happen in one’s basement, spare room, living room or even his office. Unlike real-world physical fitness instructors who sometimes miss sessions, Runtastic virtual reality exercise gurus are guaranteed to be available whenever one desires to work out.

A Highly Detailed VR Workout That Will Keep You Coming Back for More

Runstastic’s technology does not stop with a personal trainer. The company’s app even includes detailed notifications that inform the user about whether their technique is up to par. That’s right – Runtastic has programmed the app to monitor the user’s movements. As an example, if the virtual instructor is doing leg lifts and the user is not lifting his legs high enough, an indicator light will illuminate to show how much farther the legs should be raised.

Select Your Locale

Let’s face it: exercising in the same old gym or outdoor environment can get a bit old. Runtastic is about to make fitness much more interesting. The company’s app will allow users to exercise in an array of fun and interesting virtual environments. Whether it is a lovely beach setting, a beautiful hillside, a green space or other locale, the user can select his preferred workout environment for the day and enjoy the virtual surroundings.

The CEO of Runtastic, Florian Gschwandtner, has stated that the company is working on open ended locales that can be fully customized by the user. This technology will make it possible for users to dream up their perfect exercise setting and have it come to life in the form of a virtual space designed specifically for them. So, if you have your heart set on having a virtual fitness aficionado leading you through an intense workout by the water on a tropical island without a cloud in the sky, it will be possible with Runtastic’s VR technology. Or, maybe you would like to get in a workout in the middle of a dense forest with exotic wildlife, beautiful flora and tall trees. If you can imagine it in your mind’s eye, Runtastic technology will turn it into your very own virtual reality.

A Totally Immersive Experience

Runtastic’s VR technology has all sorts of intriguing features that make the virtual workout that much more immersive. Users view Runtastic videos, analyze their activity statistics, experience sound in VR exercise arenas and interact with a 3D virtual trainer. The end result is a seemingly real virtual exercise setting that proves to be quite the enjoyable escape from the real-world. It won’t be long until people prefer to stay at home for a virtual workout than go to the trouble of driving to the gym. Look for Runtastic apps to spearhead the way for other groundbreaking VR fitness technologies as time progresses.