The Walking Dead franchise — both the comic and television series — has been adapted into video games before. These let us experience the story and universe of the series, but they didn’t throw fans directly into the action. With The Walking Dead Onslaught, AMC and Survios aim to make you feel like a character on the show. And you should getting your heart pumping at the same time.

Kill or be killed

Available this fall on retail VR platforms and in arcades, The Walking Dead Onslaught puts you in the role of some of the series’ key characters. It will feature an original story in its campaign mode, and will it uses ranged combat as well as “visceral real-motion melee.” This should be an opportunity to break a sweat as you slash at the “Walkers” moving toward your position. You’ll be on two separate sides of the conflict, according to the announcement. Because supplies and weapon locations are randomized, you can never get too comfortable when heading into the wilderness, either.

There will be plenty of feedback for the melee combat, as well. As you slash, swing, and stab, zombies will have their limbs dismembered. They will also react to where they are impaled, and you’ll see realistic wounds appear based on your own attacks. You’ll even have resistance when pulling weapons back out of bodies, and there is a grappling system.

The CG announcement trailer above appears to show off some of the weapons, including brass knuckles and a crossbow.

Survios is no stranger to VR games with fitness elements. The company previous released Creed: Rise to Glory, which combined intense boxing with the famous cast of the Rocky and Creed movies. It gives us hope that Onslaught can surpass the first-person The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which released for last-generation systems in 2013 to less-enthusiastic reviews.