Credit to: 3D Factory

Fear Simulator

Fear Simulator isn’t a traditional horror game trying to get you to freak out with simple jump scares. Instead, it’s a VR experience with several scary situations that many people consider to be their worst fears, such as a horde of spiders or swimming near a shark. Developer Iblsoft Studio aims to get you to conquer your fears by experiencing them in a safe environment.

Fitness Potential

You won’t be wildly flailing your arms around in Fear Simulator, but the game certainly get you heart pumping by design. Because not every fear is the same for everyone, your own heartrate will likely fluctuate, and you’ll find yourself better able to control it as you conquer your fears.

Developer/Publisher: Iblsoft Studio

Release Date: February 13, 2019

Compatible With: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Price: $6.29 to $8.99

Link: Fear Simulator

God Hand


Would you be able to defend a town from vicious monsters if you have the powers of a god? In God Hand, you rule over a magical town being attacked from all angles, and must destroy them using the abilities at your disposal. Since they’re able to fit in the palm of your hand, you’re essentially playing with a toy-set come to life.

Fitness Potential

Using the Vive’s tracked motion controllers, you must reach down to pick up invading monsters, and can fling them across the town to their deaths. You can also wield a giant hammer, which can be swung down with your  arm to squash the invaders, instead. It’s like “whack-a-mole,” but with much scarier moles.

Developer/Publisher: 3D Factory

Release Date: February 10, 2019

Compatible With: HTC Vive

Price: Free

Link: God Hand


Credit to: HomerunBall

Who hasn’t wanted to experience the thrills of a baseball game in virtual reality? With GGANG!, you can become a skilled batter with the Vive and a motion controller, knocking balls out of the bark with a simple swing. If your friend wants to play, they can control the pitcher using traditional controls, and the strike zone can be adjusted based on your height.

Fitness Potential

GGANG! is a recreation of one of the best sports around, and because the computer-controlled pitcher will throw the ball toward randomized parts of the strike zone, you can practice your batting without having to pick up an actual bat. If another player is controller the pitcher, you’ll also learn to look for patterns in their location or delivery.

Developer/Publisher: HomerunBall

Release Date: February 10, 2019

Compatible With: HTC Vive

Price: $3.59 to $5.99

Link: GGANG!

Beat Blaster


One of the most intense VR shooting games we’ve seen, Beat Blaster blends elements of obstacle courses with combat to create an over-the-top and challenging experience. Your blaster has infinite ammunition, but you have to reach the end of the course without dying if you want to move onto the next one.

Fitness Potential

Beat Blaster supports multiple control schemes, including the 3dRudder, so you can actually move your feet while you’re making your way through levels. Using tracked motion controllers, you’ll have to be quick to take out the enemies you encounter, and to avoid the attacks they send back your way. It can be played standing or in a room-scale setup, as well, if you want to get a little crazier.

Developer/Publisher: Ivanovich Games

Release Date: February 15

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality

Price: $15.99 to $19.99

Link:  Beat Blaster

Hammer & Anvil VR

Credit to: Thibaut Blanca

If you’ve ever wanted to be an old-timey blacksmith, then Hammer & Anvil VR is the game you need. Using your tracked motion controllers, you can create everything from shields to swords and axes. You will receive orders from customers looking for specific products, and you can then upgrade equipment you’ve made with the profits.

Fitness Potential

As a virtual blacksmith, you’ll be swinging the hammer up and down constantly during your work. You can also pick up the weapons you’ve created and try swinging them for yourself. The game can last for as long as you still have cash to spend, and you can try making every type of available item. You can even make use of an oven and a grindstone to refine your weapons and armor.

Developer/Publisher: Thibaut Blanca

Release Date: February 13

Compatible With: HTC Vive

Price: $4.09 to $4.99

Link: Hammer & Anvil VR