Credit to: Toast Hotel Game Studio

Timeless Paradox

A mysterious action game that blends stylish combat with JRPG aesthetics, Timeless Paradox is perfect for single-player fans. Going back in time to uncover “time fragments,” you’ll battle powerful enemies in an effort to restore time itself. Failing her mission the first time, protagonist Estel must travel back and right what is wrong to save humanity.

Fitness Potential

Timeless Paradox features intense sword combat against fantasy creatures. You’ll be swinging your arms to attack with your swords much like you would in real life. Depending on the enemy you’re fighting, this can be especially vigorous. You also have access to a magical bow that you’ll fire by moving your arm back in order to draw the string. For long play sessions, this can get your body working up a sweat.

Developer/Publisher: John Jiang/FlamingExperienceVR

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality.

Price: $17.99 to $19.99

Link: Timeless Paradox

Fighting Clans


Fighting Clans doesn’t need any weapons to make its battles intense. As a down-on-their-luck guy with unfortunate ties to the mafia, you must fight to pay off a debt. That means challenging other people in an escalating series of battles that take place in alleys instead of boxing rings. If you can react in time and deliver a few hard shots, you’ll be able to clear your debt and walk freely.

Fitness Potential

You’ll be attacking and moving your body throughout Fighting Clans, delivering powerful punches and attempting to avoid taking damage. Depending on your own personal fitness level, you can try to take out targets quickly. You can use nearly any skill at your disposal, as there are no pesky rules or regulations to worry about in a street fight.

Developer/Publisher: XOCUS

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Compatible With: Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive

Price: $6.39 to $7.99

Link: Fighting Clans

Pizza Master VR

Think you can survive working in a pizzeria without panicking? Think you can get every customer’s order and deliver it in a timely manner? In Pizza Master VR, you’ll put those skills to the test, creating and serving pizzas with the assistance of a traditional gaming player on PC. The two of you will need to work in tandem, but there is also a single-player mode.

Fitness Potential

You’ll be using the tracked motion controllers and moving around your environment to make pizzas in this game. From getting the dough ready to searching for ingredients and pouring out drinks, it takes a surprisingly amount of movement. Keeping up this pace will be a challenge, so we don’t suggest eating any real pizza while you’re trying to break a sweat here.

Developer/Publisher: Plectrum Software

Release Date: March 6, 2020

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality.

Price: $8.99

Link: Pizza Master VR

Beat Champion

Beat Champion is a vigorous rhythm game that offers its own spin on the genre. You’ll essentially punch a series of cubes coming toward you in four colors, which signify the direction you need to move. They’ll come at a very fast pace and you can create your own songs to keep things feeling fresh. You can even make your own visuals for stages for full control over the experience.

Fitness Potential

Beat Champion is a perfect choice for VR fitness. You will be punching and moving your body constantly in order to get the best score in a given stage. Notes can also come from behind or to the side, meaning you’ll be turning yourself substantially more. It’s certainly challenging, but that is exactly what you’re looking for in a fitness game.

Developer/Publisher: Toast Hotel Game Studio

Release Date: March 6, 2020

Compatible With: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality.

Price: TBA

Link: Beat Champion

My Town: Dessert Slice

A great physical combat option for younger players who don’t like gore, My Town: Dessert Slice is out this week. You can face off against a friend to see who can slice through donuts faster. You’ll have goofy weapons like axes and a laser sword to help you. There are also special magic items to help make things easier.

Fitness Potential

My Town: Dessert Slice is all about swinging your weapons to slice through the donuts. Your reflexes need to be better than your opponent, and you’ll need to get coordinated in order to slice several in one smooth motion. With practice, you should start building up some arm and shoulder muscles doing this.

Developer/Publisher: ONEIMMERS

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Compatible With: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

Price: $4.99

Link: My Town: Dessert Slice