Top 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors For Your VR Workout


Whether you’re sprinting, walking, or crawling during your VR workouts, we all have to start somewhere. Regardless of your budget, one of the best purchases you can make can be found in this Top 10 list. Improve your physical health (inside and out), increase your sense of well-being (thanks, endorphins!), and find peace of mind in a rapidly evolving world.

If you’re new to working out protect your heart by knowing how far to push yourself and when to stop. Using a heart rate monitor will get you better results if you’re new to VR guided strength and cardio training. If you live to work out, increase your endurance and muscle strength by monitoring your daily progress and reminding yourself of your commitment to fitness.

1. Apple Watch Nike+

Credit to: Nike

The Nike+ Apple Watch was designed for runners but is a super accurate heart rate monitor for any virtual reality cardio session. Their watches have a waterproof design that will stay in place while you’re doing burpees, lunges, and sweating it out in your favorite VR gym.


  • Series 2 Apple Watch and heart rate monitor
  • Compatible with other Apple products and apps
  • Comes with an aluminum external casing
  • Has a flexible, water wicking, and breathable Nike Sport Band
  • GPS installed with GLONASS
  • Sweat and water resistant to up to 50 meters
  • Can be hooked up to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery life up to 18 hours

Cost: $369.00

Link to product: Apple Watch Nike+

2. Fitbit Ionic Watch

Credit to: Fitbit

Fitbit Ionic Watch is equipped with an accurate heart monitoring system so you can see if you’ve reached your optimal heart rate or are slowing down. Now pop in your ear buds, crank up your cardio mix, and start reaching your endurance goals in your next round of VR.


  • Heart rate monitor and sleep quality monitor
  • Upload up to 300+ songs or link it with your Pandora account
  • GPS and GLONASS enabled
  • Water resistant to 50 meters that’s perfect for an underwater VR experience
  • 4 or more days of battery life
  • App friendly so you can connect with workout buddies
  • Easy to clean watchband and removable screen

Cost: $299.95

Link to product: Fitbit Ionic Watch

3. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Credit to: Wahoo

Bounce, kick, and have a fun time being in the zone while in your VR workout and reach your best heart rate. The Wahoo TICKR is compatible with plenty of apps to help you track your fitness journey.


      • Wear the belt as a heart monitor, pedometer, and calorie burning counter
      • It will remember the workout you did if you don’t have your phone nearby
      • For use with tablet and other smartphone workout apps like Nike+ Running and MapMyFitness
      • Works with Bluetooth 4.0 and has GPS
      • Compatible with watches by Garmin and Polar, and other watches
      • Use with select Android and iPhones

Cost: $49.91

Link to product: Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

4. Ronten R2 Plus Heart Rate Monitor

Credit to: Ronten

Whether in the water or on dry land, don’t guess how many calories you’re burning or how many times your hearts pumping, get an accurate reading from the Ronten R2 Plus. Get a full night’s sleep or find out how little you’re sleeping with the helpful sleep monitoring system.


      • Has a waterproof design to keep sweat where it belongs
      • Push yourself or cool down with the heart rate sensor
      • Has music control so you can listen while you work out
      • Has 14 training modes for any extra workouts you complete outside or inside the gym
      • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for easy call and message notifications
      • Two detachable wristband strips for easy cleaning
      • Plug in the watch face into a USB port for charging

Cost: $36.99

Link to product: Ronten R2 Plus Heart Rate Monitor

5. Lintelek Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Watch

Credit to: Lintelek

Monitor where you’ve been and what you’re doing during a VR challenge, a walk, run, or even yoga. Taking care of yourself after a workout is just as important, use the breathing and calming app for post VR workout recovery.


      • App friendly heart monitor allows you to record peak and resting heart rates
      • GPS installed, so every workout is tracked
      • Multiple sports options for accuracy
      • Comes with a sleep monitoring and data app
      • Notification syncing for texts and calls
      • Has a stopwatch and silent alarm for tracking progress
      • USB charging for easy charging with computers and chargers

Cost: $38.98

Link to product: Lintelek Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Watch

6. Lattie Smart Bracelet

Credit to: Lattie

Wake up and get your workout in. Swim laps, surf, ski, or take a hot or cold shower, the Lattie Smart Bracelet is fully waterproof. VR cyclists, climbers, and gamers will love how it tracks the duration of the activity and calories burned.

      • Wrist sensor tracks heart beats and steps you’ve taken during a workout
      • OLED touchscreen has a music feature so you can control your playlist
      • Has an alarm clock feature and sleep quality system that will keep you alert and refreshed
      • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and is charged through USB
      • Can be paired with social media apps
      • Battery life of 4 days in use and 10 to 15 days in standby
      • Lose your phone at the gym? Find it using the smart watch

Cost: $35.99

Link to product: Lattie Smart Bracelet

7. Kybeco Fitness Tracker

Credit to: Kybeco

If you like to break a sweat, the Kybeco waterproof heart rate monitor and calorie burn tracker won’t break down early. Think about how the data you’re seeing will lead you to progress. Your future you will thank you for being so persistent.


      • Link notifications with social media apps and workout reminders
      • Monitor the full range of heart beats, intensity, and time elapsed
      • Energize your body and mind with sleep monitoring
      • Switch to a better song with music control
      • Sync it with your social media apps
      • GPS tracks where you’ve been and where you’re going

Cost: $31.99

Link to product: Kybeco Fitness Tracker

8. Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker

Credit to: Egiant

When you’re in a virtual reality workout or game, you don’t want to miss out on important calls or leave you listening to the same song over again. Egiant has a touch screen display keeps you connected to apps, messages, calls, music, and will even alert you if you need a workout.


      • Track your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and sleep activity
      • Charge it with a USB stick or by plugging it into a computer
      • Compatible with Android and iPhones
      • Find your phone if it’s been misplaced

Cost: $29.95

Link to product: Egiant Waterproof Activity Tracker

9. Voeons Fitness Tracker Watch

Credit to: Voeons

If you have health concerns or just want more detailed data in your fitness lifestyle, the Voeons tracker will not only read your heart rate, it will also read your blood pressure and blood oxygen level readings before, during, and after a VR session.


      • Connect it with your smart phone and link app message alerts
      • Find your phone if it’s lost
      • Find out how many calories you’ve burned or the distance after an intense workout
      • Bluetooth compatible and recharged via USB charger
      • Works with iPhones and Android smartphones

Cost: $28.99

Link to product: Voeons Fitness Tracker Watch

10. Pyle Fitness Tracker Watch

Credit to: Pyle

The Pyle Fitness Tracker is equipped with a heart monitoring wrist watch and stretchable belt for dual use. Swim up to 33 feet or 10 meters in the pool, or take it gym-side where you’ll strap on your VR headset and get to boxing or fighting monsters.


      • Unlike the rest of the heart rate monitors, the watch is a single piece
      • Watch is water resistant but has a limit
      • Belt is one size fits all so it may not fit overweight exercisers
      • Track how many calories you’re burning or how many miles you’ve ran
      • Has a battery but doesn’t say how to charge it or replace batteries

Cost: $17.99

Link to product: Pyle Fitness Tracker Watch

The Takeaway

When exercising with a VR system or platform, it is wise to make sure that you know what your resting and maximum heart rate should be for your height, age, and weight. Using a heart rate watch or a belt is an efficient way to burn extra calories, lose weight, increase your endurance and stamina, and can even save your life.